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3 months ago
@MrPlow, You'll be fine adding some VooDoo Juice next rez change. They say to do it anyway for weeks 1 & 2 of grow, too, and you might not be far off (if these are autos). Regardless, you shouldn't have any issues using some extra VooDoo Juice. But consider picking up some Hygrozyme or something -- its cheaper and you'll get good results. Just keep in mind that the nutrients are brown, so your roots will likely have some staining from that. Another thing about DWC is that the hydroton (clay) can cause some of that brown staining too. Make sure you rinse the hydroton as much as possible when you plant new plants. Regardless, you're going to get some staining like this. Your roots dont look bad. Take a look at my Sour Diesel plant. The roots on that don't look white at all. Yours look very white with a bit of browning where it's clumped up. Also, are you sure they're slimy? When I first saw this browning, I also thought it was slimy -- but when I saw root rot -- I realized the difference. Sometimes that brown look can appear to be slimy, but as long as your roots are still strong and have that individual strain feel/texture, then I don't think it's root rot. Root rot really smells like pure shit. And it causes the roots to turn very mushy and lose that individual strain spaghetti-type texture. I think you're fine -- I think what likely happened was that the roots got stained from B-52 and started banding together. That can sometimes lock in that brownish color if the clump gets super big. Again, I wouldn't worry about it too much. 21°c isn't terrible. I try to keep mine between 62-68°F. You've got a chiller, but if you're still having problems -- throw a few ice bottles in a couple reservoirs. Since they're all connected, it should bring the temps down a bit for all of them -- right? That is seriously my "chiller" solution -- frozen water bottles. Cost is free and they last about 3-6 hours depending on how hot it is outside and in the tents. I can't give you too much advice about the water pump, but that sounds like a feasible plan. The only thing I could think of is that a bigger waterpump will likely generate more heat -- so it might not be the solution. What about your air pumps? Are those generating a lot of heat? I notice that when I added a 10ft air tube to my setup, the temps of my air go way down. It's like the heat from the air pumps don't travel all the way down the tube so it cools down a bit before it gets to the buckets. Might want to try doing something like that. Just remember that both air pumps and water pumps will generate heat. Let me know how it goes. Good luck brother!