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4 years ago
hey BBG, this is what i do : everything is important during the cure, starting with the drying, you want to time your last watering based on your humidity, more humid the longer you want to leave it before the chop, the drier it is the less you want to leave it before the chop. Just before the chop, try to get 12/14 hours of dark, that's because photosynthesis chemicals taste terrible, this will help reduce these to a minimum. Once it's chopped you want to hang the whole plant upside down. As it's drying you should check up on it, see if it's ready once you pluck buds and they snap off the stem audibly. Then it's all about the manicure and cure. I prefer using miron glass jars because they let in the right kind of light and that does help. Basically the first week or two you want to "inspect your buds" daily by taking out all the bud and giving it an eyeball then back into the jars. After about a week or so of inspection you can add boveda packs which also really help with the curing. I use 62% , but I'll try the 58% stuff next time. What is curing ? basically you're trying to get all the garbage chemicals out of the weed so it tastes nice. Curing is over once the bud reaches around 50% humidity, or when you take the boveda packs out basically. So inspect for two weeks, then after that you only really need to inspect once a week. a full curing "program" can take 6 weeks , two weeks daily inspection, 4 weeks weekly inspection. but you can let it go on longer if you want ! Hope this helps ! :rocket: