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10 months
15 hours ago
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Barney's Farm
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DoctorPhilgood Apprentice
Acapulco Gold
Growing it
I will preface this by saying keep in mind that this is only half of my second grow ever, I also did it all organic with an 11/13 flowering light cycle, so the yield isn’t eye dropping.

This was a fun but difficult grow, and stirs my suspicion more that this really isn’t Acapulco Gold - I’m definitely not saying that it for sure isn’t, but if Barney’s Farm could share the origin story of how and where they actually found this strain and about who they obtained it from, then I could be more sure. I fully apologize for my doubt if it really is AG. This is a strong strain in THC content, but the high doesn’t match the AG experiences I have had previously, nor does it look or smell like it. Also the plant is short, stocky, and broad leaved, not like the AG of yore. I would say that all of this could just be the phenotype of this seed, but when researching other journals on this site and off, it seems to be the dominant phenotype. @donovanliam has a good example of the phenotype that we should be expecting more of from this strain. Mine didn’t smell very good while growing either - often it was a very acrid and unpleasant aroma. The pine smell that did come out during flowering has disappeared during curing, and it isn't because I cured bad - I did it completely by Ed Rosenthal standards. *Edit: after about two weeks into my three week paper bag cure, the smell has become more pleasant and sweeter, but is still not that great.

I kept my rating at a 6 though, because it does yield well, has a lot of THC content, and looks pretty. Since this does have lots of THC, this still could be for you if you don’t mind it being sub par on flavor and aroma. My trimming scissors were also completely caked with hash, and it gave me a good hash ball at the end. Also, I think that with synthetic nutrients, you can probably bring out more of the better attributes of this strain.
6 months ago
DoctorPhilgood Apprentice
Blueberry Kush
Growing it
I will preface this by saying keep in mind that this is only half of my second grow ever, I also did it all organic with an 11/13 flowering light cycle, and two of my colas had to be removed due to accidental wind burn, so the yield isn’t eye dropping, but…. oh my god it smells and tastes so good and the high is magical. I’m all about quality over quantity. This strain is my favorite grow out of the 4 plants I have ever grown for both ease and flavor. Seriously, THIS IS A TRUE CONNOISSEUR STRAIN.

The quality of the high matches all of my other favorite highs. I only marked "insomnia" as a negative because the high made me so excited that I basically couldn't go to sleep. So I guess I don't really know if that qualifies as a negative. Per average cola weight, I could have had an extra 17.91g more to add to my total dry weight for a possible total of around 71.65g instead of 53.74g had it not been for losing two of my colas to wind burn, but I’m not complaining because this was an all-around wonderful learning experience. It even survived 2 stem splits.
6 months ago