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FreshCoastBudz Apprentice
Growing it
This strain from FastBuds is truly something special. I have never smelt a strain with such a complex terpene profile. It smells as if there are 5 strains mixed into one jar, it’s unbelievable!

I grew these plants in a compact Stealth Box, made by Stealth Box in Vancouver, Canada. This micro grow environment was absolutely perfect for my household. It comes with everything you need to grow high quality buds! This grow box comes with a quantum board full spectrum led light, built in fans for circulation, a carbon filter fan for scrubbing, drip tra pan and a locking door to keep nosey people or children out. It really just looks like a locker or a cabinet and doesn’t scream I’M A GROW TENT the first second you see it. It kept my house smell free and it was extremely easy to control the environment since it’s only around 3.25 square feet total! This grow box is small but can effectively grow up to 8oz if you can manage the height of the plants! I managed a little over two ounces with just three plants, the box can fit four 2.2gallon fabric pots. I was also growing a blueberry from seedsman in the box as well so once I harvest that plant, technically this single box will have yielded over 3oz. That’s very impressive for 3 square feet and 100w! I am so happy that I chose this over some of the other options that were out there. This box is made from steel and it is built like a tank! My cousin is a automotive engineer for a German company and said this thing is :100::ok_hand: Check them out at or

I dried the plants whole for three days in complete darkness. I then cut each individual branch and transferred the stalks into a WeDryer. Normally the StealtThis dryer looks like a average hang dryer except it is completely sealed and uses a small dc fan at top with a carbon filter to lightly draw air upwards. There is a small mesh hole at the bottom that allows a gentle airflow to flow upwards into the carbon filter and out the exhaust fan at the top. The draw is hardly noticeable but it’s enough to allow slow and even dry without mold or over drying. I allowed the buds to sit in here for about 3 days and then pulled them out and did the final trim. I then transferred the buds back into the wedryer for their final dry and that took about another 3 days. Their humidity was around 62% when finished which is quite optimal.

I was just able to test the buds today I must say that this is by far one of the smoothest strains I have ever smoked. It feels like it’s going to be harsh at first, because you can tell it’s strong but then the smoke comes out almost creamy. It’s crazy because I’ve never smoked a strain that doesn’t make me cough or choke up a little but this one goes down like some Grey Goose! The taste is interesting, it’s not the most flavorful I’ve had but it is pleasant. It tastes earthy and fruity at the same time.

One thing that I wasn’t crazy about was that she is a pretty larfy strain. My total yield was 67.34g from 3 (practically 2-1/2 plants) but around 9.87g was unusable buds and sugar leaf. I’ll spare these for my dry ice dry soft hash :sunglasses:

I would definitely recommend this strain and I will be growing this again soon Forsure!
2 weeks ago

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Thanks they are fat and they do smell gorgeous not much height to them and you can’t really see the stems anymore! Just bud. I thought about LSD auto and Purple punch was recommended so LSD auto is definitely one to consider .
Best of luck :+1: