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Exotic Genetix
Cogo's Original Cannabis Formula

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H_SOLO Master
Cookies & Cream
Growing it
I see lots of amber trichomes on my plants. I am going to harvest over the next few days.
The key take aways from this grow. Don't pollute your nutrients with too many additives. It may result in over vegetation that you see here and on my last grows. Happy that I figured it out. Now hopefully this next run, I can grow some good looking killah bud. Thanks for the advice from Cogos, Zach.
As shit looking as my buds are. (my photos are heavy edited, btw. I am not showing the uv fried ones, too sad) this shit is strong. I am vaping pre cure and pre harvest florets. Its the best stuff I have grown so far.
The other key point that came out to me this grow was the benefits of scrog. All buds are pretty much equal in their ripeness. I really do not like to go through a stash and find at the end the last buds smoking poorly. You forget the best characteristics of the strain and how good it was.
Regarding the intended star of this run:
Love the smell of this strain. Under adverse growing conditions I placed on her, she has frosted nicely and deeply. Her effects are strong. The buzz was mentally uplifting, head clearing. pre cure.. Going to go another round and go mono this run. These are clearly great genetics and I need to do a better job growing her. Like her terps profile especially. Its unique to me.
Check out next diary for progress on Cookies and Cream round 2.
8 months ago
H_SOLO Master
Green Crack
Growing it
The ladies are now harvested and curing in glass jars. Not an impressive harvest weight wise but bud is the best quality I have grown so far. Its way potent and effective and I wonder if the long grow time had an impact on this.

It took too long, yielded too little but on the positive side, it was a good learning experience. I felt in control of grow for the first time and for a change, the grow wasn''t controlling me. With more care to my feeding and watering schedule, the next round holds the promise of being incrementally better again.
For now, I will take this rather modest result and quietly get on with the next run.

All strains are physical in their effects, which I like. The Green Crack is the least remarkable strain to look at but for some reason, its effect are quick and pronounced.

Both the Green Crack and the Durbans are mind bending. They take you to another place. I wouldn't recommend working under the influence of these girls unless your work requires inspiration.

The Supremes physical effect comes on after 1/2 hr which is more body melting than mind melding after a mellow hazy start.

I am looking forward to enjoying the benefits of a good cure.
1 year ago