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@n1xx1, I thought I responded to this the other day -- but my comment isn't here, so I guess i didnt! I do try to follow AN's nutrient table. By week 3, the veg schedule recommends 4ml of grow/bloom to 2ml or b-52 (voodoo juice phases out by week 3). I may have made a mistake a couple weeks, but for the most part -- I'm following AN's schedule. The only thing that I can stress is that PPMs is what I really go by. I use AN's schedule to get the right proportions, but then I water my nutrients down to get the desired PPM. Anything over 575 ppm in autos tends to burn the tips (nutrient burn). I don't normally replace the solution every week, but I never let it go more than 2 weeks. If I'm going from veg week 2 to veg week 3, I might just pump out the old nutrient water and pump in the new stuff. One thing I'll add is that plants don't always like super clean buckets. They definitely dont want grime and sludge, but it seems like when you provide a super clean environment, the plants get a little shocked. It's almost like it seems unnatural or something. I don't know. I just wouldn't be anal about it -- don't overclean it. 1-2 weeks should be a regular cleaning and swapping of nutrients. pH Perfect works when there is a high concentration of it in the bucket. Autos use much less nutrients than photoperiods, so at low concentrations it doesn't work perfect. It is better than other nutrient lines I've tried (at maintaining pH anyway). But it's not carefree. My plants still get symptoms on their leaves (look at my pictures) because I don't pH it as frequently as I should (guilty as charged). Let me know if you have any other questions, brother! Stay safe! Stay red-eyed!