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Cream Cookies
Growing it
The Grow

#Vegetative stage

-Vigorous or not ? : Considering the fact that I did not correctly enriched my recycled soil and that I wasn't very quick to react to the feeding issues I can say that she the vigour was correct without beeing the best I've seen, however I'm still convinced that with a better soil and feeding she would have reacted better

-Structure : The structure is solid but looks shorter than the Girl Scout Cookies with buds that are packing bigger , harder and faster. I did too her but it was probably a mistake so my next time with that strain I'm going to let her thrive naturally.

#Flowering Stage

-Stretch : It wasn't that impressive , on the average

- Smell : During flowering it was smelling like an old school indica , with kushy tons mixed with incense and Jamaican pepper ( which isn't pepper , Google it to see what I am talking about), let's say something "Hindi" :disappointed:

After drying it smell like a cookie , I just smell the 3g I harvested a week later and I was impressed by the smell , usually it can remind you of a cookie smell but that one have actually the same smell as a cookie :heart_eyes:

-Structure / Bud structure : Round , Hard , well packed and nice calyxes , I'm 100% satisfied here.

The Smoke Test

#Taste : Old school indica/skunk , kushy/chocolate tons but no cookies taste :cry:

#Effect : The effect is indica , body stone in my case with heavy eyes feeling. Makes me wanna sleep each time and actually makes me sleep 50% of the time. It is one of the best weed to roll if you wanna relax and forget about your problems. Don't expect to have an interesting debate with your friends after a spliff the best option is a music video playlist on YouTube and a big big amount of anything you can eat :blush:

I still have my 2 last buds that are drying so I hope one a 25g final weight which isn't that bad for a 7L pot grow with recycled soil but less than what I was expecting.

I'll take a revenge on that stain soon :v::skin-tone-3:
4 weeks ago
Growing it
My 1st Purple strains was the C4 Matic and that BlackBerry and I'm pleased with the outcome colours and taste.

The Grow wasn't the best of my life but I don't put it on the strain but on the feeding as the Grow caps aren't effective in my case.

The taste is a pine/citrus one , it can remind you some old school haze or old school indicas :heart_eyes: if you are too young to remind of the 90's weed tastes then taste it and in 10 years you will be abblecto talk about the old school 2019 taste :laughing:
4 weeks ago
Cherry Bomb
Growing it
This cherry bomb is clearly the type of weed I like to grow and smoke.

This strain could have grown tall as I practice a lot of HST and she still ended with a nice height. Very resilient to the HST, that method brings a lot of the secondaries just a bit under the main canopy and is producing a lot of mid sized but compact buds. The buds are hard like rocks before and after drying , they appear small but are really heavy , 70g of cherry bomb looks like 50g of Fruity Jack in terms of volume.

She is not requesting a lot of fertilizer to easily thrive and that's perfect because I rarely get higher than 1.8 Ec in late flowering.

During flowering the smell is very discreet and you will start to smell some cherry at the very end of flowering.


After a fat spliff I would have called her the Cherry Kush but I believe the name is already dedicated to an other available strain.

The Smoke is clearly hearty, I even wanna say that it taste like hash :heart_eyes: hash & a hint of cherry but after a bit of curing it's nor more a cherry hint but more like a lightly sugary one , very pleasant and raw at the time, nothing complex but a clear taste :v::skin-tone-3::+1: The easiest I had to describe since I am on GD

The potency I'm like a Thor hammer slap : good night :joy: clearly an indica stone but I have a lot of amber trichomes which are reinforcing the " go to bed " effect

An easy to grow strain , resilient , tasty and potent , what else ?...
4 weeks ago