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7 months
3 hours ago
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SpinnerGrow Apprentice
Sweet Skunk Auto
Growing it
This strain has been really easy to grow. The plants grew tall , taller than what I would expect from an auto , it wasn't really stealth but fine for me. My sweet skunks autos didn't request a lot of nutrients during they lifetime and it was a pleasure to watch them change everydays. It is a good smelling strain but not agressive so you don't really smell anything until you close to it , but at the proper distance it's smell like citrus / fruits / tropical / incent and skunk !!! Hard to choose 3 of thats smells as my 3 phenotype has 3 differents tons of the same aroma/smell.
-SSK#1 57 6* = 63g
* The main bud were cut about 10 days before final cut.
-SSK#2 37g
-SSK#3 30g
-Ssk#1 : The most potent & tasty. It taste like pineaple & citrus with a little incent tons when you exhale , really pleasant to smoke. And the effects a quite similar to some photoperiodic I've smoked, it's start with a good motivating and funny high and after maybe 30 min you switch to a loud stone but not too narcotic. Clearly to smoke at night for me.
-Ssk#2 : Not the better , the effect is more like a light stone wich is not bad for a day smoke but rhe taste is not so goog , the plant loose her good smell and now taste more like wood and toasted almond with a bit of herbal taste. Not what I like to smoke but once again not so bad as I feel the taste less agressive than the fruity one.
-Ssk#3 : The smell is more like tropical and pugnant , really good. The smoke is smooth , , the taste is sweet and sour , difficult to describe but damn good and the effect is quite the same as the Ssk#1 but a bit less long lasting. For nightime
1 month ago
SpinnerGrow Apprentice
White Yoda Auto
Growing it
It was a real pleasure to grow that strain, really simple to manage , a beautiful pyramide structure and a epic smell.
I did not feed her a lot , just a a bit of guano , some high PK powder and GHE rippen. The soil was already with A 4-4-4 NPK. So I can't tell if she's nuts resistant or no, but I think that she can take more.
Buds are between a foxtail and hards. Not so bad but not really what I expected.
The taste and the smell are not the same : it don't taste like it smell , the smell is like a pugnent old school skunk but with piney tons, wich makes me remember my first trip in Amsterdam. The taste is more hearty and woody with a little incense taste , not so bad.
The effect is very interesting : at the begining tou feel speed and happy but after 1h you get that indica stone and red eyes. It make you feel your body in a funny way but with a conscious state of mind.
Philosopher did a great job on it , it makes me wanne taste the photo version
3 months ago