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11 months
26 minutes ago
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Green House Feeding

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SpinnerGrow Master
Blue Dream
Growing it
Need to try a second time to really talk about it. Chemicals smell , I will not smoke it but use it for canna cooking. If whateve I cook with it is good then I will change the rating
7 days ago
SpinnerGrow Master
Growing it
The harvest song : Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy


The Growing Review :

I cut her on day 98 but she was ready about 1 or 2 weeks ago and I noticed that she was producing more trichomes at the end.

She grew easily with a stong main stem and a deep roots system , the shape is between the christmas tree and the one bud : the secondary stems handleled big nugs but with short stems. The Stardawg is one of that strains that have a high leaf to flower ratio which mean the trimming will not be the shorter part of your grow but the leaves remain small so no need to defoliate in attemp to get a better light repatition.

The buds shape is also interesting as every buds looks more like a little pyramid than a round nugs and the calyxes makes me thing about "bubbles". The top of the buds is long , maybe a sativa trait but I'm not sure.
She also suffered from over watering due to a lot of raining days during that run but she seems manage that situation better than my others strains so I can say that it's a strong strain ( Heat


Nuts burnt due to over watering )
I did not trained her at all but the shape of the plant and the bud structure makes me think that it's maybe a good choice for supercropping method , not topping because the main stem is the bigger and a topping could make you loose tha advantage.
The terpenes profiles was playing with my sense during the whole grow : it was a constant switch between a woody / spict smell and a Sweet & spicy smell but at the end it seems that the sweet & spicy smell makes it over the other one and it's better like that :grin:.
The Grow Caps did well with that grow even if the rain makes the nutrients released sooner that expected the outcome seems to be honorable.


The Smoking Review ( Terperne profile , Effects)

The trichomes ratio is around 70%milky // 10% clear & 20%amber so it should be a strong stony effect.

I'm waiting on the end of the drying process :grin:: 1:

Live Smoke test ( well it was in live for me ... :joy:)

8:27 Am : Rolling a joint of pure Stardawg and taking the 1st puffs

8:49 Am : Wow I'm already done before half of the joint :drooling_face: I can feel my body especialy my face and a buzz , yeah it's like a buzz in my whole body , I can also feel the blood coming in my eyes :sweat_smile:.

8:54 Am : My head is heavier or I feel like it is. Eyes half closed but I don't wanna sleep , I'm just relaxed and don't wanna move from the hammock :grin:

9:50 Am I feel normal , I mean I'm not locked on the sofa but my eyes are still red and I'm thinking about a lot of things, got some ideas so I put it on the Stardawg.

So the body effect is not really long lasting but the cerebral effect is still on

11:43 Am : No body effect , just a little brain effect so It's not a real hardcore weed , good for day time if you don't need to look at peoples in the eyes ( red eyes )

Good effect , positive on the mind , recommended :+1:

And finally the dry weight is 25grams with trim and I will update the weight without trim later today :grin::+1:
2 weeks ago
SpinnerGrow Master
Rhino Ryder
Growing it
It taste like Piña colada :heart_eyes:. High like a plane but stony at the same time, focus , an ears buzz , heartbeat is faster , body feels light weight , red eyes, reduce back pain , energetic for the mind but confused at the same time (no paranoia but) , make you think more than makes you act , perfect if you wanna smoke before doing repetitive stuffs like take care of the garden or clean a house.

The taste is like a Sugary tropical juice , it can remind you of a lot of fruits so that's why I'm not gonna pick one to describe the taste but It's definitely sweet :heart_eyes:

The dry weight is not good for me but the buds were foxtailing // fluffy so the volume was nice but the weight is not.
3 weeks ago