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1 day ago
@Wilson_McNugget, 3 tents sounds awesome. I am doing 2 now (2x2 and 4x4), 1 Veg and 1 Flower. I wanted variety so I would keep 3 plants in the 4 x 4.. all different strains at different flowering times. With that, with 9 week flowering plants, I was pulling a plant every 3 weeks or so and 5-10 days before I would pull a plant, I would stick a 4th plant in there to give it a little head start. The tent starts to get cramped with 4 plants though, especially at different stages of flower because light height and as you know when you have more they tend to train themselves up... so with 3 plants they are bushier. It was great for a while because I was able to try a bunch of different genetics, strains, and growing techniques fast, but I think I like running 4 plants at the same time.. much easier and better yields. My small tent is now flowering a couple plants for my head stash.. not going to be anything too special.. I've neglected them a bit and my lights aren't the best in that tent. 1000 is good for the setup.. definitely paid for itself in 1 grow. I love kelp for plants.. so much good stuff for the plants.. I use liquid karma in my reservoirs for DWC.. great stuff. I agree with high percentage chance for a certain pheno.. I pick my seeds/plants based on genetics and what I want to smoke/grow and if they are all over the place... forget it. I don't like to grow strains that don't list their parents either.. I've seen some strains advertised as using "cali genetics"..... like wtf is that lol.. there are a lot of cali genetics tell me the strains used.. the cut.. another reason why I am being more particular with seed banks/genetics. We are very lucky in the US.. there are so many awesome seed banks with some of the best genetics in the world.. even all the european seedbanks are using US genetics.. everything is Cookies, gelato, OG's, gorilla, breaths, and even seen a bunch of Zkittlez now. Oh and that Alien Rift I grew (Ocean Grown Seeds).. talk about terps from a pheno... it has the "ether cut" smell it is known to have and man it is awesome. Definitely recommend them.. . I am going to grab 1 or 2 more strains for my small summer grow.. too hot to keep 4 plants going so I am only going to flower 1 or 2 from June-August.

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Wilson_McNugget Apprentice
Zkittlez Auto
Growing it
Water and feed heavy in flower for sure...THEY COULD HAVE FILLED SEVEN GALLON POTS....don't think it will finish at any specific time....GROW TILL THEY CANT ANYLONGER....otherwise 6.0ph in COCO seemed to be their favorite...
1 month ago