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Original Grow Soil/Aarde B

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Good. Although I am not sure that the yields were improved. I might do a test and grow one with only water and the other with the nuits.
Follow the instructions :slightly_smiling_face:
Follow the schedule accurate and a big harvest is underwritten
Used Dutch Pro Light Mix, used the schedule for photoperiodic and customized it. Had some problems with my soft water EC 0.16, added Ca Mg to EC ~0.6 and then used the Dutch Pro Fertilizer. A very good product, realy cheap, very good result
Great products. However no product for final flush. Will have to go elsewhere for this
Most of Dutch pro I had from a pervious grow as always best value for money performed very well with auto cant complain probably I could have done higher nutrient dosages
Brilliant stuff Dutch pro all the way
Fantastic stuff, been using your years now and still the best if you ask me