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Kannabia Seeds Kannabia Special is another big success of Kannabia marijuana breeders. It's a stable hybrid of an Early Skunk and Uzbekistan, both are well known as the best all-round strains. Early Skunk's genes make Kannabia Special tough, fast and amazingly vibrant, able to produce lush, heavy harvests of dank, frosted bud in virtually any climate. Uzbekistan, as a producer of the best hash in the world, passed this ability of hers to Kannabia Special and made her a very powerful and resinous marijuana strain of enormous yield. It has a refined and subtle hashish perfume, a shade between mint and lemon, very intense. A meticulous selection and improvement work allowed these cannabis seeds perform with their full potential. They show great results indoors (also hydroponics) and outdoors. Being feminized, our seeds have an increased resistance to mould and fungus. They produce happy plants in the garden, on the balcony or in any outdoor location with access to direct sunlight. Indoor plants, grown from these feminized seeds mature in 7-9 weeks, need good ventilation and dry atmosphere, mainly during flowering. Vegetative period is recommended to be minimum 30 days for high performance. Flowering can start already in 9 weeks. Uzbekistan's indica features dominate the growth pattern, giving Kannabia Special a solid, resin-encrusted flower formation and massive yields (350-400 gr/m2). Early Skunk's sativa side causes some extra "run" in her thick arms of bud, and is strongly evident when sampled - imparting a smooth, buoyant high which blends with and lifts the warm, powerful skunk stone, carrying it to new and interesting places. Kannabia Special feminized has compact resinous buds and an intense aroma of candy qualified by the skunk scent. She is a very special smoke indeed.


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly Indica
Genetics Uzbekistan x Unknown Skunk
Harvest 400 gr/m2
Flowering 7 - 8 weeks
THC high


Kannabia Special Automรกtica Especial Kannabia Ruderalis

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