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GrimbolTheDruid Apprentice
Auto Berry
Growing it
So I had two phenotypes grow out. I had a purple Autoberry and a green one. The purple one has a very strong fruity odor with a hint of gasoline. The green one just smells like cut grass still despite hanging dry for 6 days @ constant 60% RH then slow curing for 2.5 weeks. The buds are super airy and never got the chance to fill out but to their credit they are covered in trichomes, very frosty. Our summers are short here so I planted on June 1st which is the first day to grow but they needed another 1-2 weeks, maybe more but it was too cold and wet outside. These were cut down at day 64. As it was, I was battling spider mites and I lost half my Auto GDP to bud rot so they had to come down.

The high feels like a classic indica that is still a little light because they need another month to finish curing.

It has been a rough season but I have learned a lot. Good luck out there and thanks for stopping by.
1 year ago