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1st grow! Candy kush auto fem -gc

1 month ago
Room Type
Pro-mix hp cc
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
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Grow Conditions
Week 10
18 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Air Humidity
Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Pot Size
Pot Size
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Lamp To Plant Distance
Commented by Bekind Bekind
1 month ago

have switched to AM watering
8.8 am weight
Biggie: 7 lb 7.5 oz water now
Droopers: 6 lb 5.9 oz water now
Thing 1: 9 lb 8.3 oz water now
Thing 2: 16 lb 12.9 oz, hold

Biggie & Droopers split 3 gal of 2.3 t big bloom, 2t big grow, and 5 ml calmag. goal was 6.0, 1000-1050, 1,9-2. actual was 6.0 ph, 1016 ppm, 2033 EC.
Droopers R/O: 5.5 ph, 1270 ppm, 2550 EC. Post water weight: 14 lb 13.6 oz. Biggie R/O 5.73 ph, 1350 ppm, 2710 EC. Post water weight: 15 lb 12.7 oz.
Thing 1 had 2.5 gal of 1t big grow, 2 T big bloom, .75 t tiger bloom and 5 ml calmag. Rolling with a half bloom/half grow formula because just bloom doesn't get the ppm and EC right. goal was 900-1050, 1,9-2,2, 6.0 ph. Actual was: 6.04 ph, 959 ppm, 1927 EC. T1 R/O 5.4 ph, 1300 ppm, 2600 EC. Post water weight: 23 lb 2 oz.

8.8 pm
Thing 1: 20 lb 14.5 oz hold
Thing 2: 14 lb 9.6 oz hold
Droopers: 12 lb 9.5 oz hold
Biggie: 13 lb 14.1 oz hold

The kids got their first haircuts. I had someone come by and check everyone out. Defoliation was recommended to allow for better airflow and bud site exposure in t1&t2s tent. We had been battling humidity even at negative pressure, so pretty dramatic. Biggie has been investigated and the conclusion is that she is either polyploid or a crazy mutation. She is attempting to flower but her flowers are not shaped correctly and twist in on themselves/are webbed. My consultant advises to flip her to 12/12, but i can't do this until i can get droopers in another tent, so biggie is just gonna have to wait til thing 1 or thing 2 are ready for the big chop.

Biggie: 10 lb 8.1 oz hold
Droopers: 8 lb 12.5 oz water tomorrow
Thing 1: 14 lb 14.7 oz hold
Thing 2: 12 lb 10.9 oz water tomorrow

Droopers had 1.5 gallons 2 t tiger bloom, 1 t grow big, 3 ml cal mag. Trying to go easy on her since the cutting last night was pretty dramatic. Goal is 6.0, 900-1050 ppm, 1,9-2,2 EC. half bloom half grow tailored to meet goals. Actual was: 6.08 ph, 974 ppm, 1953 EC. Droopers R/O 5.6 ph, 1320 ppm, 2650 EC.
Thing 2 had 2.5 gallons 1 t big grow, 2 t tiger bloom, 5 ml calmag. Goal was 6.0, 900-1050, 1,9-2,2 EC to give the plant a break. Actual was: 6.05 ph, 1030 ppm, 2060 EC. Thing 2 R/O: 5.4 ph, 1420 ppm, 2850 EC. Did cut a few more leaves due to bud blockage. Forgot to record Thing 2's pre-water weight but she badly needed it this morning.
AM post water weight:
Droopers: 14lb 13.9 oz
Thing 2: 23 lb 15.5 oz

Biggie got 1.5 gal 2t tiger bloom, 1t big grow, 5 ml calmag. Goal was 6.0 ph, 1000-1100 ppm, 1,9-2,2. Actual was: 6.1 ph, 1065 ppm, 2130 ec. Runoff was 5.98 ph, 1400 ppm, and 2800 ec.

Thing 1 got 2.5 gal 2 t tiger bloom, 1t big grow, 5 ml calmag. Goal 6.0 ph, 1000-1100 ppm, 1,9-2,2 ec. Actual was: 6.05 ph, 1043 ppm, 2090 ec. Runoff was 5.55 ph, 1440 ppm, 2880 ec.

Noticed biggie is flowering upside-down . Cut some top fan leaves to give her crazy ass some light.

Droopers got 1.5 gal 1.5t tiger bloom, 2T big bloom, 1/2t grow big and 5 ml calmag. Goal was 6.0 ph, 1000-1100 ppm, 1,9-2,2 ec. Actual was 6.06 ph, 1001 ppm, 2002 ec. Runoff was 5.65 ph, 1250 ppm, 2490 ec. Cut off more leaves blocking bud sites

Grow Questions
Bekind week 5 started grow question 2 months ago
Is this OK? Weird plant behavior
Plant biggie has always been taller, but really is so different than the others from her seed pack. Is she OK? She seems happy AF, but isn't putting much into anything besides GIANT LEAVES :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: is everything all right with her and the other plants? I have zero experience.
Leaves. Other
Plant. Other
Show all Answers (3)
Ezzjaygrows answered grow question 2 months ago
Yup, as other said.. no worries. It’s genetic differences from seed to seed. Depending on how long the breeder spent stabilizing the genetics, you’ll see varying amounts of genetic differences express themselves. It’s similar to humans, the same parents can have several kids.. sometimes they look quite similar, sometimes you’d have never guessed they were siblings by their appearance. Good luck!
Bekind week 7 started grow question 2 months ago
Flowering or still vegetative? Food question too
don't know whether is considered flowering or not. Pistils are out, no other bud formation. Should I feed my plants same food as last week or just give ph water and calmag? I don't know if i jumped the gun last week. Promix hp cc is medium, and they only get fed when dry.
Other. General questions
Plant. Other
Feeding. Other
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Organoman answered grow question 2 months ago
What I have been doing for the last 20+ years and seems to work very well is, continue with grow nutrients until there are small "budlets"/tufts, before switching to half grow and half bloom for the next 2-3 weeks, before switching to just bloom nutients after that and through to maturity.
Cannabis still needs a good supply of nitrogen early in flowering.
Hope this helps, Organoman.
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ThCvibez804 week 10

Congratulations on your first grow I'm A first grower myself and growing pineapple express auto and ak47 auto

Removed week 10

Wow. Craft Cannabis at it's best! Follow us on Instagram @bySunnyD, for a chance at our free seeds giveaway coming up! :seedling::v::wink::the_horns::seedling: