GrowDiaries FAQ

1. What is GrowDiaries?

GrowDiaries is a unique web platform designed for detailed tracking of cannabis cultivation practices. Our website combines both a useful tool for journaling weed growing experience with an online space that allows for loyal community of like-minded Growers from all around the world to share their experience and knowledge.

2. How to start my Diary?

To start a Diary, please follow the steps below:


  • Register an account 
  • Press "+ Start the Diary" in the right upper corner of the screen 
  • Name your Diary, add genetics, and describe your setup 
  • Click "Save" and you are ready to track your grow!

3. How often should I update?

GrowDiaries is designed in such a way that the minimum updates to your Diaries need to be done once a week. The Diary keeping interface is divided by weeks. It won’t take more than 7 minutes weekly to fill in new information.

4. How do I list Breeders that are not in GrowDiaries’ database?

There is no way for a user of the website to add new brands to the database. To journal genetics that are not in the dropdown list of Breeders or Nutrients, please use the option of 'Custom Breeder & Strain' and mention the products you use manually.

5. How do I add my own brand to the dropdown list?

Please email us [email protected] and we will assist you with adding your product to GrowDiaries. Usually, before adding a seedbank, we ask to initiate 1-2 Diaries on our website with their genetics.

6. Single vs Multi strain Diary:

GrowDiaries recommends create single strain Diaries since some of the Diary keeping characteristics and stats (example: g/w/p) imply taking into account one certain strain rather than several different strains while calculating it's efficiency and gathering data. Moreover, single strain Diary is your 'ticket' to the monthly 'Diary of the Month' and 'Newbie of the Month' contests.

7. Setup & Conditions

We have specifically designed a set of hints for beginner Growers that you can see by tapping any icon in the Set Up or Grow Conditions sections. These will help you with explaining certain cannabis growing terminology and be helpful for those who just started growing and are looking for learning material on the website.

8. Smiley face

Each Diary is labeled with a smiley face icon. If you have a smiley face in your Diary, it means that you are doing a great job regularly updating your Diary and putting detailed information about your grow. Smiley face is also your 'ticket' to participation in our monthly contests ‘Diary of the Month’ or ‘Newbie of the Month’

9. Abandoned Diary

A Diary with a grey cover means that this Diary is incomplete and abandoned.

10. When to start a Diary? Seed or Seedling?

It is totally up to you how you’d like to start, with seeds germination or with a seedling. Just make sure to describe what you are doing in your weekly comment.

11. When to post harvest

It is important to understand that the process of harvesting takes up to several weeks, so make sure to enter primary harvest information, and don’t forget to come back and update your harvest week with dry weight and final product quality information later.

12. g/watt vs g/watt/plant for efficiency comparison

We have two specific formulas of counting the production of harvest. g/watt/plant helps us estimate final production while taking into consideration spacial circumstances and quantity of plants. It is a more conductive way, in our opinion, to measure grow efficiency.

1 plant, 100g harv, 100W = 1 g/w

1 plant, 100g harv, 100W = 1 g/w/plant


3 plants 300g harv, 100W = 3 g/w

3 plants, 300g harv, 100W = 1 g/w/plant

13. Grow questions limitations

There are certain limitations applied to Grow Questions. They exist to minimize cheating in the 'Grower of the Month' contest.

14. Is it safe to use GrowDiaries?

GrowDiaries is completely safe to use and store information on. We do not store or share any personal information. All meta data is erased. For better protection we recommend using Tor Browser