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1st grow - Grandmommy Purple - *Now DWC*

3 weeks ago
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Commented by DabbertGlobberfield DabbertGlobberfield
2 months ago

If you know what's up with the discolored leaves let me know or drop a hint; light burn, light bleaching, potassium deficiency, pH issue, other. Also, let me know what you think about the burnt tips.

1/22 - 1/28
Week 5 flower

1/24 - It sucks to start a week like this, but here we go. There's got to be something going in here causing the discoloration in the leaves on Plant D. Also, I started finding signs of different issues and similar issues across a few other plants. The burning tips is continuing. Water in Plant B and Plant D is still cloudy. This lines up with the water smelling bad. It smells like eggs and rotten asparagus. This also lines up with how Plant B's roots were looking funky.

I tried reaching out and received some feedback on other sites. But I don't know... It was suggested potassium deficiency or light burn/bleaching. But the discoloration isn't on a tall cola and those were like 8-10 inches from the light instead of 18 and they are fine. All the plants have burnt tips, they all don't have discoloration. Some are starting to have classic margin burning found in potassium deficiency. But also found in light burn.

So because I'm, well I guess impatient, I slammed all the solutions at them. I raised the light. As it was suggested to reduce the light. I personally didn't think the light was causing an issue. But sure. I had and still have space, so I raised it a little and didn't dim the intensity.

Ok, boom. Light better. Easy.

That was the only easy thing.

As for the discoloration and possible potassium deficiency, which look like it could be the same and there are copper spots, I didn't really know what to do.

I think it's something to do with Plant B and Plant D's roots. Like Sawtooth and Plant C found harmony in and around 750ppm. pH stayed the same and within level for days. ppms barely changed with water decreases. Water in Sawtooth and Plant C's reservoirs was crystal clear and no foam formed.

However, Plant B and D's reservoirs are cloudy and smell bad. The water smells terrible. The pH climbs higher than the others and they both need more pH down to adjust.

So I started draining the reservoirs and replacing the water. Sometimes I use extra mixed nutes, so they get a fresh clean feed what I just did before this last feeding was flushed them with pH'd water, let them sit for a while, drain, and put in more pH'd water. Then drained again to fill with the feeding mix with the others. I have noticed the water has been getting less cloudy... I also added some Great White Mycorrhizae directly to the root clusters.

I will keep flushing out the reservoirs in these problem tanks when they get too cloudy or if anything like that happens. Plant D had a lot of bubbles at the roots and the water had a weird look to it. That's what started me changing it all out.

I also reduced the water level in both of what I'm calling the problem reservoirs, Plant B and D. Plant B, as shown in photos from last week I think, had a weird dark spot developing at the water level. I also noticed, that the smell really got bad when I reduced the water level past a certain point. This happened in both of the problem reservoirs. So, I decided to reduce the level and that has, visually to me, helped notably with Plant B's weird spot. So much so that in a few days I may raise the water level.

Also, while I was changing the water and being disgusted by that(I don't know how it got so gross so fast), I went an extra step in cleaning a little and pulled the air stones. In the two problem reservoirs they were gross... So I cleaned them and placed them in different locations in the tanks. Then I cleaned the others and placed them in different spots, too.

I am thinking, something funky is going on in the reservoirs that is messing with the nutrient uptake. This might also be working in concert with my HIGH AF ppm/ec feedings lol. SO I actually think it might be nutrient lockout and not nutrient deficiency cause of something with the roots. This is why I'm doing what I am with it.

As for the nutes. I have been watching reservoir ppmpH very closely and documenting it daily. I have noticed several trends. I have also found a good number for ppms/ec. At least one that works for 2 plants. I will try and apply that across the reservoirs. I have noticed that the plants, after they after they ate up a lot of the nutrients were very happy and then pH was even going down. Remember that? But then, as soon as I change the reservoir, it's like a bomb goes off. PH needs adjusting down in all of the reservoirs, most reservoirs have some amount of foam, ppms climb fast.

I guess I am feeding too high. Also, if there isn't a root issue and or there isn't nutrient lockout and it is a deficiency... that means that I'm not mixing in a good ratio. This might also be because last weeks feeding I, after adding everything, had more head room for ppms/ec and I added more supplemental things than base nutes. So maybe I added something in a bad combination that locked out potassium. I don't really know.

What I do know, is that I reduced the amount of nutrients across the board except with the base nutrients. So I put in a larger ratio of base nutes than anything. This brought my ppms to 727 for this feeding. I usually pH down to 5.5 but Sawtooth and Plant C were hovering at 6.0 pH with their feeding and I figured I didn't want to throw that too off as I was feeding less ppm than they had in the reservoirs at the time. But after a day, they all needed pH adjusting down from 6.4-6.6. Although, all the reservoirs, even the problem ones, after the feeding and my flushing on D, adjusted with minimal pH down for the first time in a long time.

Hopefully, with the raising of the light, the continued reduction in nutes to find the right ppm/ec, the increase in base nutes overall, and increased monitoring of ppms/pH to keep out of danger zones we should be back on track.

Oh, when I raised the light I tried to snag some leaves here and there. Actually, I have been trying to restrict to taking a leaf off a day and that works pretty well. But anyways, I cut a line in my trellis net by accident. I don't even know how I did that. The canopy is so thick I cant even get to it.

Speaking of the plants... lol, the plants are so sticky. I mean like if I open the tent and put my hand in, just like in the air, it gets sticky and is sticky the rest of the night. I have been interested to see how the trichomes develop after seeing how frosty the plants were early on. And it looks like they are getting longer. They look crazier now. I realize I am a new grower, but damn wtf these things are like really long. Then the leaves they are on are so coated the leaves are like hard with trics.

The smell is starting to come in and it smells super weird. The plant itself, like the resin, if you touch it on leaves it smells like weed strongly(myrcene) but also has a really berry punchy(linalool and limonene)smell. I asked Herbies for the terp profile and they were able to name the top 3. Myrcene, linalool and limonene. I have to agree with one of the comments, I can for sure smell that fruit loops smell in it. I will see how that develops. But the really weird smell is that the plants smell like DMT. Not sure how many people know what that smells like, but it smells very strongly of it. I have smelled that smell in nature before, but ooooooweeeeeee I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with this.



1/25 - After lights on today I checked, like always, and found some good, interesting, and bad things.

Water in Plant D and B's reservoir is looking surprisingly better
I can visibly see where Great White Mycorrhizae is germinating on Plant B's roots(I really hope that is what it is)
Reduced water is doing well for Plant B and D

Sawtooth and Plant C's reservoirs were looking less great than usual
pH across all reservoirs is not stabilizing and within same range
ppms very close across all reservoirs

Found another type of early deficiency starting - it looks like calcium deficiency also in Plant D
Plant D may have at least 2 different types of deficiencies

Plants look good otherwise. They seem to be bulking up nicely. I reduced the light intensity a little. So the light is not as bright. I'm not sure the light was an issue. Whatever really. I'm not sure what to do about the deficiencies popping up. I really think it was something to do with lockout and bad root zone stuff. I think it will even out, I hope. The reservoir water looked good. I want to continue flushing Plant B and D. I just remembered I should mention, I put some of Sawtooth's reservoir water in with Plant D cause I figured since it was a good biome for Sawtooth, maybe it would impart onto Plant D.

I see mycelia growing on the roots of plant B. I wasn't even looking for it, I was just taking photos of the water and spotted it. I had just split a 1/4 teaspoon of Great White again between the 4 reservoirs inoculating the roots directly. I was surprised to see this. It looks like healthy rhizomorphic mycorrhizae just freshly germinating. I wonder how this will play out.

Later tonight I am going to reduce the water in Sawtooth and Plant C. They also had higher ppms than Plant B and D and were going out of range(breeching 800). So I'm going to remove a gallon or 2 from the reservoir and put back pH'd water to lower the ppm. I will probably do this at the same time I drain Plant B and D's reservoir to refill with only water for a few hours, to then drain and replace back with nute water. Since whatever I'm doing seems to be working. I will keep making it up as I go.



1/28 - Ehh... So whatever is going on with what look like deficiencies is progressing. I asked a question here about it. I've asked questions about it other places. So far I haven't been able to solve this.

Plant D seems to be getting worse in what looks to be its calcium deficiency. Leaves continue yellowing as well. This couldn't also be magnesium? The margins have burnt tips, so potassium? I am at a loss with this. I am thinking something might be off in the root zone, that is why I am focusing on them this week.

Plant B and D were looking good for a few days but ended up getting cloudy water again and it smells bad like before. I don't want to keep flushing because Plant D has a deficiency developing and Plant B is just starting what Plant D has. Cause it seems like it needs nutrients, but it can't have them if I am flushing it. Then I need to figure out the ppms. Cause maybe it's just deficient? But then why are Sawtooth and Plant C doing so well?

They are really doing well too. I just can't get Plants D and B's water to stabilize like Sawtooth and Plant C's reservoir. But then that will also go all over the place at water change time.

We are so close to the end. I just need to hold out until then. Hopefully, I can figure out how to stop Plant D from getting worse and stop Plant B from getting like Plant D.

I just added a mix of cal mag and part a/b to Plant D and I added a different mix of just cal mag and part b to Plant B. Hopefully this will help. I don't know, I've been making it up this whole time as I've been going and that's been working weel, but I can't fix this.

Also, I bought a digital microscope and took some shots. It looks like there's a bunch of amber trichomes, but those are on leaves. It was still enough for someone to point it out to me when I posted a photo. I don't know to what end that matters as I thought more and more thc would form as calyxes do. I don't know. There isn't much amber on the calyxes, if at all.

I did pull a few calyxes off the bottom bottom lower branches to look at under the microscope. Like those little straggler calyxes. Well I found 2 immature seeds and one was in the calyx pod with the pistils still attached! lol. If I would have let that go, would a full seed have formed? What is going on with that? Are other calyxes filled with that? I hate weed with those in it. I hope mine doesn't have that. Good thing I will process most into hash.

Grow Questions
DabbertGlobberfield week 13 started grow question 4 months ago
Help with root containment - How would you solve or battle this?
The roots grow through the net bucket and a mesh net I use for containment. Micron size too big, roots grew through. The mesh bag was a 2nd attempt at root containment. 3rd attempt will be very fine micron mesh screen. What could be a good way to deal with this?
Roots. Other
Show all Answers (6)
BelgianBudtender answered grow question 4 months ago
They're gonna grow through the micron ones, too. root hairs are outgrowths of epidermal cells between 15 and 17 micrometers in diameter when fully grown. I wouldn't bother trying to contain them, rather solve clogging issues via other means
DabbertGlobberfield week 20 started grow question 2 months ago
Problems showing up in week 5 flower
I have a problem developing and showing signs through this week. Looks like at least a calcium and a potassium deficiency in one plant and a another deficiency just starting in another. Not sure how to fix this. First 8 are one plant, last 2 are another. Photos taken over a week
Leaves. Edges burnt
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Leaves. Other
Show all Answers (5)
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 2 months ago
Your pH is perfect... and even though you do seem to be giving them a lot of different nutes, I would suggest you increase the amount of your PK boosters... I'm seeing the start of a potassium deficiency... and since it's very hard to reach levels that would give you a toxicity of either potassium or phosphorus, I'd even tell you to double the amount of those...

Good luck!
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Amazing trich density :sunglasses: Looking so frosty man! Well done :spock-hand::alien::wind_blowing_face::dash::snowflake:


@HappyWeeds, Thanks so much! Really really frosty, I can't believe it! :muscle:

ChefDan420 week 20

Power to the scrOG :goal_net::fist::skin-tone-3: Frosty bitch:dancer::skin-tone-3:


@ChefDan420, :pray::ok_hand: Very nice! Yea, the scrOG is doing well :raised_hands: