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Auto big Gun (part 2)

5 days ago
LED / 75W
LED / 75W
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Coco Coir
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Grow medium
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Week 6
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Commented by Buds2k22 Buds2k22
5 days ago

Definitely bigger growth wondering if this is as tall as she will get at this point tho?! Noticing bad leads right at bottom (think splash from nutes when pouring in ! Also a couple of the second tier leaves have reddish stems wondering if this some kind of deficiency or just based on the strain! looks it will enter flowering phase soon!. Any thoughts or tips ?! Think I’ll just water her till (only give flowering stage nutes! To be safe

Grow Questions
Buds2k22 week 3 started grow question 4 weeks ago
Week 3 bottom showing slight yellowing
Yellowing on the bottom already?!
Planted was transplanted 3 days ago
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Plant. Other
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 4 weeks ago
This is a normal reaction to the transplantation - in general, I wouldn't worry about the color of those bottom leaves, they're going to die off anyway - but I would worry that you've perhaps stressed her too much as autos don't like to be transplanted or undergo any high stress technique. She needs time to recover and hopefully she will do that before she wants/needs to go into pre-flower. Just give her time.

With your next autoflower grow, germinate the seed in the pot the plant will finish in... autos have their own schedule and the worry is they won't have time to recover before their next step of growth needs to be taken.

Good luck!
Buds2k22 week 6 started grow question 5 days ago
Noticed big growth this week perhaps close to flowering?! Can’t help but notice getting a little on the dark green side and has some reddish stems !
Any advice on this girl shall I just water her from now on until flowering then start with just miminal bloom nutes again?(Iv been keeping feeding low on this as it is since Iv over fed her at the start And it’s an auto! Any tips on lighting also can she be trimmed or not at all?
Leaves. Too many
Other. General questions
Plant. Stem - Red or purple
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GrowingGrannie answered grow question 4 days ago
The red stems are indicating some stress of some sort.... Really dark leaves will indicate an overload of nitrogen but I'm not seeing that you're giving her much. I think the problem might lie in your EC - it's a bit high for her at this age... notch it down to 0.8 and see how she does... the red stems won't go away so don't look for that... I'd also be adding some calmag to your nutes right about now - this is the moment in a grow when a calcium deficiency can show up...

Good luck!
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