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Godzilla Glue 4

1 month ago
LED / 640W
LED / 640W
Room Type
Coco Coir
Grow medium
Grow medium
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Week 4
18 hrs
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Commented by energyhustlers energyhustlers
1 month ago

Looking good this week, bit of nutrient shock when reservoir was turned on but now taking off nicely.:muscle:

Grow Questions
energyhustlers week 1 started grow question 2 months ago
Browning on leaves?
Slight browning on leaves, not certain of reason why. Transplanted to big pot 2 days ago
Leaves. Color - Dark-brown
HansGoat answered grow question 2 months ago
High bro, the cause for the leaves to brown like this after transplanting is because the light intensity is too high for them right now. Bring your light up or put the power a bit down. Also water more on the side of the pot instead of the middle near the plants. You want the roots to grow and they only grow when they are searching for water and nutrients. Let the plants recover and when new growth appears you can turn the light intensity up! Enjoy your grow buddy!
energyhustlers week 4 started grow question 1 month ago
Slight browning on leaves
Slight browning on tips of the leaves, not on all plants, is this a cause for concern?
Leaves. Edges burnt
Leaves. Color - Dark-brown
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m0use answered grow question 1 month ago
Your diary says the EC is 1.6, that is a bit high for plants of this age to me. I think this is nutrient burn. Lower your EC and it should correct itself and stop spreading. So in short small cause of concern but easily correctable.

As for PH, I think keeping it around 6.2-6.5 is ideal, this allows you some buffer room should the pH drift one way or the other. 5.8 is to low and 6 is descent but on the cusp. All hydro nutrients are available to the plant for immediate uptake and they can do this in between the ranges of 5.8-7.0 PH. Just confirm your feed is giving all the micros needed "Fe,Mn,Cl,B,Zn exct" as well and secondary macros like "Ca S Mg"

Best Of Luck!
CULTIVATORFROG answered grow question 1 month ago
Hello friend I have read your diary. First of all, I can say that its EC is not very high, it would only drop a few points to 600ppm = 1.2ec, then it would also lower the pH to 6 and increase as it progresses through the flowering stage. I think I would also be worried that the purple stems are indicating stress and my deduction is that their light is a little close, the plant sweats through the tips of the leaves and I think it can also be the reason for its burns. Good luck
GreenHarvest_Official answered grow question 1 month ago
Those are burnt leaf tips caused by excess nutrients. In short nutrient burn.

Try to skip or reduce feeding in your next coiple of feeds. Those burnt tips won't recover but the new leaves will be fine.

Good luck with the rest of your grow, nothing to worry about and very easily fixed.
energyhustlers week 4 started grow question 1 month ago
Rough texture on leaves
Strange burn through on some leaves and most new growth is like a rough sandpaper type texture,
Leaves. Curl down
Leaves. Webbing
Leaves. Color - Mottling
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damianfox answered grow question 4 weeks ago
Too hot?

Don't let the canopy get over 84F
Nupeddler answered grow question 1 month ago
Start with your EC and pH check through the leachate (wash-thru) of your pots. Good practice is to keep EC between 0.8-1.2 as mentioned above and a pH between a 5.8-6.2. If this checks out, then let's look at your nutrient mixes. You are starting to see that interveinal chlorosis which could be due to an imbalance in your mix, which may lead to nutrient lock-up. For instance if you have to an abundance of Magnesium, your plants will have a difficult time accessing the calcium deposits, which can lead to a "calcium deficiency" even though there is plenty of calcium available. Since calcium is an immobile nutrient, you will notice symptoms in the younger growth and new leaves first. Hope this helps!
CULTIVATORFROG answered grow question 1 month ago
Your ec is a bit high, keep the ec values between 0.8 and 1.2. I also think your lamp is very close. Raise your lamp a few cm higher, between 35 cm and 40 cm.
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