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Northen Lights Auto :D

Approved by Royal Queen Seeds
2 months ago
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Royal Queen Seeds - Northern Light Automatic
Northern Light Automatic
Royal Queen Seeds

Growing it




The Plant was really strong , i had some problems with Bugs during early flowering which i could easily solve

with Neem oil ,but over all a very strong Strain

The Outcome
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Tastes like
Feels like
15% Sativa
85% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

i say there were ok,but next time i am going with synthetic fertilizer , t Leaf-Coat did not help at all, i got Bugs problems even while using it , and the second problem about Leaf-Coat is that you will really need alot of it to cover only 2 small plants , so the Price is really high for the Usage :D

I harvested my 2 Lovely Northen Light Auto not all at the same time . i harvested some at the 12 week and the the rest after 10 days to see the difference, i have to say i am Really happy with the end-Produkt :D .it gets me High and Happy and the best thing the Hunger what i get and how every thing taste 1000 better lol .and it really works as a Super Pain killer !! i got once a strong toothache i could not eat on the one side ,but after smoking lil i was back to normal

i am really Happy i bought the Seeds from RQS ,They are the best simply ,i still got 2 Seeds left ,but thats for the next Summer

Grow Questions
Germano week 10 started grow question 4 months ago
Hey Guys, i am near Harvest now, i wanted to know what to do u think about washing ur Buds with H202 water then Citrus water then at the End with clean water , has any one of you noticed any difference ? i thought washing them can reduce the Chances of getting Mold while drying
Other General Questions
Cannibal1988 answered grow question 4 months ago
I've never done this but have seen and heard that it can help with creating a cleaner burn and smoke getting rid of dirt and insects unwanted guests ..As for mildew or mold I dry mine in basement room temperature and humidity controlled with light fan blowing indirectly .make sure they dry before curing and even then let them breath and don't over pack jars or they will sweat and mold just keep a keen eye on those girls hate to lose buds to mold.
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 months ago
i know it washing it in Baking soda/ (natron) and after lime juice..... i do it easier i just wash my outdoor weed in Baking soda /Natron..... all the lil insects and dust are away from your ladis and the weed dries faster, because the Natron dehydrates. And to moldering during curing, you reduce the risk in hanging them into a well tempered room, onto clothes rack. My favourite method is to dry them into a carboardbox with strings in it...and i do wet trimming before. You can let a ventilation rum in front of your weed, that helps too. good temperatures, alittle airflow and enough place
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El_Jeffe week 11

Well done on the harvest would like to here a smoke report on the smell taste and high if you get the chance

I have a RQS northern lights auto growing now can't wait to try her out

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@El_Jeffe, with indoors you get a more controlled growth , i did started indoor at first but my Lights were not the Best so i moved outdoor and the Sun did the Best work
Greenhouse would be a great idea if you have a garden


@Germano, I have always wanted to grow outdoors but the weather we get here is crap I have been looking at greenhouses I might treat my self to one for next summer I want one where you cannot see through I wil check out your grows see what tips I can pick up


@El_Jeffe, i am really limited in my choices because i grow outdoor and dont want the neighbours to know , so i still have Northen Light Auto seeds and got my self somd Sweet Skunk Auto for the next Summer :]
i prefer Autos cuz of thier Short time