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First Timer w/ GG#4, by i49

6 months ago
GG#4 Custom Breeder & Strain
LED / 235W
FL / 32W
LED / 235W
Room Type
weeks 3,4,...
weeks 3,4,...
Custom Breeder & Strain - GG#4
Custom Breeder & Strain

Growing it




Genetics courtesy of i49 seed bank. The GG#4 grew quite well. It was highly resistant to fluctuating environment and was easy to grow. Didn't really have any issues with these genetics and I'm a newbie, so I wouldn't be opposed to growing it again or recommending it to another new grower. High potency strain w/ breeder notes mirroring tastes, smells and THC quantity. Product was exactly as advertised. The quantity was low, but that was due to the techniques I implemented, not the strain/genetics itself. Would like to grow again just to bring the plant to it's full potential and see where I can improve.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
3 plants
Number of plants harvested
235 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
GG#4, plant #3
GG#4, plant #3 Test Hang #1
GG#4, plant #3 Test Hang #2
GG#4, plant #3 stem and stock
GG#4, plant #3 Hung up.
GG#4, plant #3 undergrowth basket.
GG#4, plant #2
GG#4, plant #2 Hung up w/ #3
GG#4, plant #2 stem and stock.
GG#4, plant #2 undergrowth basket
GG#4, plant #2 Single Top example
Bottom up view of all GG#4
All 3 plants hung -#1
All 3 plants hung -#2
All 3 plants hung -#3
Undergrowth baskets
GG#4, Plant #3 for final manicure
Dry sample #1
Dry sample picture #1
Dry sample picture #2
Dry sample picture #3, cross-sections
Dry sample picture #4, Ground up
Dry sample picture #6, Trichome mid-dry
Trimming and Prepping Table
The whole shebang. Baking product on right.
Baking and Concentrates
Root-ball Plant #1
Root-ball Plant #2
Root-ball Plant #3
Empty Jar with device and Boveda's to zero out.
Jar, device and Boveda packs zeroed out.
GG#4, plant #1
GG#4, plant #2
GG#4, plant #3
GG#4, plant #1, 2 and 3 popcorn nuggets
GG#4, plant #1, 2 and 3 Trim and Milled, Jar #1
GG#4, plant #1, 2 and 3 Trim and Milled, Jar #2
2 Week Cure Samples #1 (Final Diary Pictures)
2 Week Cure Samples #2 (Final Diary Pictures)
2 Week Cure Samples #3 (Final Diary Pictures)
2 Week Cure Samples #4 (Final Diary Pictures)
Brutal #1
Brutal #2
Tastes like
Feels like
60% Sativa
40% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes
Dry mouth

Didn't know much about flawless finish until the end of my grow but it sure did do a fine job of clearing away any residual salts left behind in my soil during the flush. Used a total of three times and pulled nice low ppm's in the final days of flush. Product is clean and clear of any 'left-overs'.


GHE flora grow series worked very well for me and was very easy to use as a new grower. Clear instructions and applications. 'Old Faithful' indeed. Will be using again for future grows. PH down is rated lower due to price. Using a different brand now, 4 times as much, twice the strength at about the same price (Future Harvest)

Great product. Ran into a cal-mag deficiency, thinking the flora grow micro nutrients would be enough of a supplement when it turned out not too be. Picked this up, applied and the condition cleared up immediately. Worth the cost.

:wave::clap::wave:Quick shout out to the following: @Mrs_Larimar, @Suicidal, @ROM101, @BeanswithPork, @BuddingBudda, @Visions, @Girlybudz, @ghostface00132, @Weedawan and @Cbalderson60. Whether you gave me advice, well wishes and/or support, I am more then grateful to have all of you rooting for the success of this grow and your moral support as a newbie to growing. It can be intimidating not knowing what to expect your first grow, but after finding and all of you, I know I will have continued success in the future. So! Thank you again and thanks to for providing such a great journaling site and for helping connect passionate growers in one place.

Also, a personal thank you to i49 seed bank for their incredibly good customer service, great genetics, free seeds and overall great grow support. They have done nothing but impress me and I am looking forward to continue growing through them. THANKS i49!!!!

The numbers:

GG#4, plant #1 - 23 Grams ( .82 ounce)

GG#4, plant #2 - 26 Grams ( .92 ounce)

GG#4, plant #3 - 26 Grams ( .92 ounce)

GG#4, plant #1, 2 and 3 popcorn nuggets- 36 grams (1.28 ounce)

GG#4, plant #1, 2 and 3 shake/milled flower for concentrates- 79 grams (2.8 ounce)

Total Whole Bud - 111 Grams (3.96 Ounce)
Total, All together- 190 Grams (6.7 Ounce)

Average of total product PER plant - 63.33 Grams ( 2.26 ounce)

Hey! Pretty under-whelming numbers in terms of yield but the quality is certainly there (haven't done a THC/CBD test yet but I see I did not hit the breeders projected 27%. Feels much more like a 20/21%. Will test near future). I see all the little things/techniques I can implement in my next grow to increase these numbers. With these girls I did hardly any pruning or defoliating throughout, using only LST and topping. This resulted in many, many tops with low quantities of product on each. Estimated 14-18 tops per plant and would like to lollipop/prune/train for a max of 8-10 main tops per plant, while also taking much more undergrowth away with it in an attempt to focus the girls energy on fewer tops with larger yields rather then many tops with lower yields. (Note: I guess I got complacent and I am missing pictures of GG#4, plant 1. This includes the undergrowth basket, chop down, stem and stock....Not sure how I missed that, but she exists! Trust me!)

All Shake and the majority of popcorn nuggets are going in for oil and/or canni-budder to store and/or use as needed. I have no idea what I'm doing but I have a close friend that is going to teach me the process' in making concentrates! Pretty excited to do some baking, it's been years! Remaining popcorn nuggets and whole bud will be for smoke and nothing else:

So, long story short, I am very happy. The yield could certainly be higher but all I really wanted, at the end of the day, was to propagate a successful crop. I feel like I've done that and the quality and potency of the crop is there.... just not that much of it, hahaha. I am more then excited to continue growing and refining the practice of growing and have already started 3 new strains (4 plants). These strains are Northern Lights, Blue Cookies and Do Si Dos. Their diaries will begin tomorrow as their nearing 5 days old.

Thanks again for everyone/anyone that reads this, has followed this grow, has given advice or just sent a kind word here and there. It's greatly appreciated and I'm happy to be apart of this community. I'm a dude that has ZERO social media accounts but this site, this community, is incredible.

Grow Questions
Jinks101 week 15 started grow question 7 months ago
To support the weight of my colas in the near future, I was planning on using a non static ribbon, but if there are ANY other better methods to reduce knocking the plants around please feel free to share. Thanks!
Techniques. Defoliation
Cbalderson60 answered grow question 7 months ago
Yes there are I use plant yoyos cheap and won't hurt the plant. There are other options to like for instance a tell is good option, bamboo stakes, tomato rings and cages. Check out my last harvest I had plant yoyos.
Jinks101 week 19 started grow question 7 months ago
"Survey Says!". Wrapping this grow up and germinating my new crop the same day as these girls get cut down (gotta keep it legal:wink:). My question is Blue cookies, fem or NL fem. If you've grown them please weigh in!!! I'm torn on what to pick, for reals.
Techniques. Defoliation
Show all Answers (1)
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 7 months ago
I5s a question on how challenging you like it^^ and if you are a stativa or aindica person. Bluecookies May be more challenging/ ( blue family) but you will have a nice tasting harvest very fruity ( more sativa)..... Northern light is such agood to grow classy strain with more indica and a nice lemony smell and taste. I dont know which you choose both are great
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Mrs_Larimar week 19

veeery well done!!! nice pics of yor Harvest

Master_weeda week 19

Congratulations to you my friend For your price! :+1::trophy: Beautiful harvest in 20 weeks more! :heart_eyes:
I'm happy to follow you I immediately felt that you hold the strength :muscle: welcome to the masters jedis :wink:

Mrs_Larimar week 19

Congratulations to your Beautiful Diary and for your Silvercup!!!! thats a great Thing. happy celebrating your win

I_and_I week 19

Awesome grow friend, gg4 is a quality smoke :sunglasses::+1: a stray seed got jnto my first grow of bag seed, eternally glad that it did haha

Very informative at every step, you say your a newbie but I would not have known until I read you say it haha :sunglasses::+1::muscle: respect


@Jinks101, that's it man, when you recognise there's always something new to learn, ways to improve to make yourself a better version of whatever the endeavour is, rather than sit on one way thinking its as good as it gets :sunglasses:

Then you will always have room to improve

Its a good thing to have to use your time on, a grow, you need mental and physical stimulation or you have to long to dwell on the negative

I actually tried to grow another bag seed gg4 at the start of this grow but there was something badly wrong from the get go, and I let it go, I had more than enough for my space anyway, and also the gorilla zkittlez

but that's basically the only plant I've lost, and it wasn't through mistake, soil seems fairly forgiving which is useful

I think it's always worth having a gorilla in the tent in some form or another

Peace mon


@I_and_I, Haha, thank you kindly. I am certainly a newbie but put quite a bit into further learning. Unemployment allows for these things, Lol! Things have been going pretty well and I'm hoping grow #3 will be even more fruitful:blush:. Little scared though. I haven't had a big eff up yet or lost a plant and I'm paranoid now. hahaha. Give me two weeks and it'll pass:wink:.

And GG!?! Ummm, I want to try a lot of strains, but after this first grow w/ GG, I keep feeling like I want to do a full 4 plant run of them. I loved it man. It does a lot for me and it was really depressing when I ran out. Can't find it anywhere either! So, going to grow it again and stock pile a large amount:+1:(Grow #4...maybe). And lucky you finding a stray GG. Gift from the cannabis God's.:grinning:

CrankledLarkus week 19

Looks like a very fine product! I've never grown it myself, but have had GG4 before and your description was bang on for what my experience was with it. Great job!


@CrankledLarkus, Thanks so much for your kind words! It was a great experience and it's great smoke. Already on to the next project!

Happy growing my friend. Cheers and fun out there.

Buddha2 week 19

Great result. Congratulations!

Show all replies (7)

@Jinks101, I too have had alcohol issues. Been sober coming up on Four yrs. Thats the same amount of time I’ve done in jail because of drinking throughout my life. Weed has helped immensely with my chronic pain, anxiety, sleep, appetite and cravings. Never lost friends, wife, jobs, driver’s license, freedom and respect due to weed. Wish I could say the same about booze. Better late then never but wish my Father, Mother and brother lived to see me get sober but wasn’t to be. Congrats to you. Never an easy task. My private chat is always here to talk if or when things get trying.


@Buddha2, I'm sincerely sorry you have/had to wait so long. That being said, you're right, better late then never! You do you and enjoy your medicine and all the plant babies. Governments be damned. And yes! Everything's out there and available, especially information. Makes the learning curve a lot less sharp:smile:.


@Jinks101, yes, it is indeed frustrating. The demonization of cannabis is one of the biggest tragedies of mankind. And while there is some progress meanwhile, it is hard to stay patient. Sooner or later I will be running out of (life-)time. I'm waiting for legalization since almost 40 years now. And I'm a bit angry about myself that I started growing only lately. But better late than never. At least now there is no more stress with organizing the supply :innocent:

JP148 week 19

Nice grow congrats :seedling::clap::clap::cherries:


@Jinks101, Thanks yeah this one came out better then first GG. Even removed that dairy. I’m in a NE US. state and GG grown outside holds up and produces much better outside then any indoor grow I seen. THC ranges for “ This is nice “ to “ wholly fuck I’m stoned “ Lol Also GG is not a crazy smelly strain making it great for unnoticed gorilla grows.


@JP148, Thanks brother. It was a pretty decent first go at it and as discussed, GG is solid:ok_hand:

BeanswithPork week 19

Great detail to top it all off Jinks101, good harvest entry especially. Well done overall.


@BeanswithPork, Thanks a bunch Beans. I appreciates it and I'm happy you're kicking around! :wink::+1:

Cheers man. Happy Trails.

Lala_Land week 19

Congratulations on your Newbie win!! Very well done!! :green_heart::seedling::facepunch:


@Lala_Land, Thank you kindly:blush:. I look forward to doing this for a lifetime, now. Lol.

amazongrow week 19

Full of trichomes! Congrats!