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I used this UVB light three times during the grow, but the manufacturer instructions are tailored toward photoperiods. Three 15-minute sessions caused severe damage to the sativas growing in the same tent, so I'll probably start with 1-3 minute sessions during the next grow and increase from there. The indica-leaning and hybrid plants still showed signs of stress, but they recovered pretty quickly.
The tent always smelled extra loud after this was on. The research behind it also speaks for itself.
Great light for the size of grow (3x3 tent). Of course, if I had more to spend I would buy the next one up in their line. Great company!
Definitely improved colours and terpenes profiles.
It's insane what this light can do in the last 2 weeks of flowering.
This is my first experience with LED and I am impressed. There is still a learning curve coming off of HID but its no big deal. The controller is an absolute necessity with this light. The spectrum control is unsurpassed. Follow the manufactures guidelines when using the UVB. too much and your top buds will burn
I cannot say enough good things about these lights. Being able to control the color spectrum really gives you that added bonus of allowing you to further hone in your craft, manipulating the spectrum to your plants needs. The UVB at finish makes a notable difference in trichome production.