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G8-240 Veg/Flower

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Love my G-8 lights they put a nice intense optimal spectrum of light perfect for my tent size. The G8-240 Veg/Flower puts out 140 true watts and the G8-450 puts out 240 true watts.
I really like these lights, they have some pretty serious penetration they are older but still kickin'.
Love my G-8 Led Lights. G8-240 draws a true 140 watts G8-450 draws a true 240 watts
I love these lights they were on the expensive/midgrade side and the penetration is impressive to say the least. I have a couple of cheap LEDs as well and these are my favorite, at 690w they out perform my 1000w king led. No shade just facts...
Nice lights. The G8-240 Veg/flower light draws 140 true watts. The G8-450 Bloom draw 240 true watts.
The Dorm Grow G8-450 bloom led light has a 245 watts draw not 450 watts. 245 watts /4 sq.ft. = 61.25 watts per square ft. Giving me 0.54 grams per watt.:wink:
These lights true wattage are 140 watts and 90 watts respectively for a total of 230 watts total using this light combination. This gives me 57.5 watts per square foot using 2 foot by 2 foot of my 2ft x 4ft grow tent. Yield was 0.74 grams per watt of dried bud.
I've been using these lights for my grows for about one year with excellent success. Although I would prefer to use the G8-400 bloom for more even coverage during flower.