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I love these little guys. Since my tent is under 3' deep but 5' wide, three of these strung evenly is really working. If you have a wonky tent size/shape these may be a good fit. I started with a single and am happy to now have 3 of them.
Very happy with this light, but I'm going to grow one plant at-a-time going-forward (that's all I need). I experimented with lux meter and lighting distance. Even though it doesn't give high light readings at 20" from the plant, I've decided that's a good minimum distance to avoid light stress. I had lots of problems with light stress because I started with 20 hr lights on. Going-forward, I'll stick to 18 hours of light (autos). This light is very-powerful for a single plant, but totally-adequate. I call this the perfect light for 1-4 well-trained plants, or one untrained plant.
Horticulture Lighting Group... Numero Uno, PERIOD! This little beast of a light from HLG impressed the HELL out of me! The HLG has such a small form factor but puts out a TON of light! I'd love to run a pair of these in a 4x4 to see what they can really do. I just can't say enough good things about this company and their products as I'm running a pair of their 650R's that absolutely blow up my 4x8 gorilla tent! If you're looking for a light to go in a 2x2, 2x4 or even a 4x4, this is THE light for you! :+1::skin-tone-3::+1::skin-tone-3: