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My King, my Liege, he served me well, but alas, relegated to an eventual veg box...
Good for the money
As I've never grown with anything else, I have no comparison, and this thing did admirably. I will note though, that the bud is rather larfy, and dries down to about 15% of initial wet weight.
It was a really good light for the price. I didn’t like how it made my plants purple in pictures and it was harder to examine them because of that. But it was a really strong light and did the job.
This was the light I had my first grow.. My plants stretched as I think maybe not enough light for them. I used different stronger lights now but use this as extra light during flower. Worked really well this time.
Once up to 1600w from 600w, it made such a noticeable difference.:+1::skin-tone-3:
I started out initially with just the 600w, but then I purchased an additional 1000w.. and my girls thanked me immensely.
pretty good for the money