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Samsung-powered FC3000 LED grow light is advised for home cultivation like tent grow. Together with specialized white spectra that are rich in red and blue wavebands, FC3000 utilizes a uniform photon distribution to obtain an even PPID and premium PPF across the plant canopy.

Wattage - 300w
Veg Coverage - 4'x4'
Flower Coverage - 3'x3'

The overwhelming choice for most growers applying in grow tent, small room, cabinet & closet, and plant shelves.

Power, Watts300W
Coverage3.5ft × 3.5ft
Release Year:2020

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Mars Hydro FC3000 Super High Quality LED Chips: The FC3000 is made up of 896 pcs Samsung lm301b and Osram 660nm chips, resulting in an efficiency of 2.8μmol/j. Twice as many LEDs as comparable lights, driving the grow lights at low current and effectively avoiding overdrive. High PPFD Output and Even PAR Distribution: The multi-light bar design and the dense distribution of the grow light chips facilitate an even distribution of PAR. Optimal PPFD values for plant growth are achieved in every corner of the effective coverage area. Exclusive Design of the Spectrum: The full spectrum is enhanced with blue and red light. The rich blue light promotes plant growth and the abundant red light improves the yield and quality of the plants. Daisy Chain Dimming Feature: Dimming from 10 to 100% depending on the growth stage of the plant, while saving on electricity costs. The daisy chain can be connected to 30 lights at the same time from one master light. Fast Heat Dissipation and IP65 Waterproof: The wavy heat sink dissipates heat quickly and the IP65 waterproof rating allows the light to operate in damp conditions. 180° folding feature helps you to install quickly and save time during installation.
One of my better full cycles. Been using it to strengthen up my photos before the big push. Works excellent dialed down for auto flowers and one month vegetive stage photos. Extremely reliable
They grow well for their low price :laughing:. Dazzling :sunglasses:

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Love the new light!! .. Will b looking into these a bit more in depth and hopefully try them out soon:sunglasses:.. Keep up the great work @Mars Hydro.. :grin::+1::four_leaf_clover: