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Beast of a light. Saved money and grew better bud compared to its rivals. Epic features with removable driver and 2m long cable
Saved a fortune on the electric bill switching to this from the spiderfarmer. Epic results :bulb: love the removable driver and extended cable. Helps out massively :+1::skin-tone-2:
:star::star::star::star::star: impressive :clap: Removable driver is a great idea and long cable that comes with it. Money saver compared to rival brands and it grow some monster sized frosty Buds. Build quality is brilliant and very bright :bulb:
What can i say its a bomb of a light can't wait to check out the fc or even fc-e 6500 from my friends at mars hydro I checked now the whole ts series for them and now the fc 4800 and it's always a big pleasure to work with Mars Hydro you need to try it by yourself
The new OSRAM diodes are the difference in my opinion... not going Science Spok here but its a differential for sure.. Hi all, Going to post this final harvest entry and close this self funded diary. as I currently wait for several "sponsor the newbie" sets of beans to arrive... they have been sent and Im tracking but still hate waiting for orders to here even though not lost one yet!! AMS - @amsterdammarijuanaseeds were the first to jump on board and where I come from regardless of anything else at that means something. Ill reveal the others as the next seperated, few diaries unfold... Germinated: 3 x Fastbuds Orange Sherbet Auto 3 x Fastbuds Orange Sherbet Auto 3 x Fastbuds Stardawg Auto 6 total, survived the seedling stage, one OS never sprouted. Remaining for this diary: 4 x Fastbuds Orange Sherbet Auto 2 x Fastbuds Stardawg Auto Important to remember for this grow ONLY compost/poo aero tea and less than 5 tiny pellets of 13-13-13 was used no brand cannabis nutes at all. Send me some!!! Bio Bizz will feature in my grows soon, I think. OK, All plants now harvested and pics posted, stats as bellow: Fastbuds Orange Sherbet Auto 01 - 75g Wet Fastbuds Orange Sherbet Auto 02 - 82g Wet Fastbuds Orange Sherbet Auto 03 - 66g Wet Fastbuds Orange Sherbet Auto 04 - 72g Wet Fastbuds Stardawg Auto 01 - 54g Wet Fastbuds Stardawg Auto 02 - 63g Wet Please excuse me if I dont post pics of dried flower on scales.. sure you understand.. A short smoke report will follow but I know the tallest sativa OS pheno and second Stardawg are KO smokes for me... very turpy chem and Stardawg Auto menthol proflie is dominant. Lastly, not sure who actually reads this but.. as someone who has recently come back to indoor growing after many years and definately recaught the bug! (Never stopped outdoor growing) I was well surprized to find this little community @Growdiaries, quite remote location here and its a good place to escape to from the Oracles & Gurus to genuine newbies.. banter and all. cheers. S.M.F :pray: :facepunch: :+1:
Brilliant light for a reasonal price :heart_eyes:
Best light i have ever used:hugging_face:
I love this light :hugging_face: so easy to mount and not alot of heat comming from it:blush: PAR spread is unbeliveable :sunglasses::right-facing_fist::left-facing_fist:
There is nothing bad to say about this light, the par spread is unbeliveable in a 4x4
Very impressive and absolutely smashed by 3x3
Mars Hydro's FC 4800 will be hard to beat:sunglasses: i am very impressed with this light :raised_hands: the light spread is impressive, giving very good PAR all sround the 4x4:muscle:
Very efficient, :+1: the fact the driver already comes with plenty of length ‘ power cord to place the driver outside the tent is a bonus
Works wonders, light max output was 370w this round