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Power draw 650W; Commercial coverage: 4ftx4ft, Personal coverage: 5ftx5ft

For Indoor Horticulture growers, from professional cultivators to hobbyists.

FC-E series' detachable design allows growers to organize their light layout more freely. At the same time, the high light efficiency and more even light distribution promises growers a more uniform crop and reliable yields.
Power, Watts650W
Coverage5ft × 5ft
Release Year: Previously Released

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This light is the bees knees! Works way better than any other light I’ve used. 5 stars.
Boss light makes you'r plant's happy:100::grin::fire:
Lights up a 5x5 like the sun:100::sunglasses::raised_hands::seedling::green_heart:
Super light, in a 5x5 it makes marvels:100::fire::sunglasses:

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