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Light was decent enough to produce good but but I felt as though it was a little under powered for my space.
Marshydro has always been good lighting for me can’t fault them also recommend if on a budget
Fantastic lights, perfect setup for grower.
Very good light 1 year of use and still rockin as the first days!!
Cannot fault this light! I’m amazed it’s under 150w Hands down the best light for the £££
SP I feel is underrated. I would like to get my hands on a SP6500 to complete the family.. But the SP 3000 for a 3x4 is amazing. Can't beat it at the price.. SP 150 is okay. Lack of dimmer makes it only 4 stars..
Definitly an amazing light, even if I never tried others.
Amazing results with this light and not only on the yield they are producing some super quality buds so yeah recommend this light if you're budget is not high!!
Top$ LED by @MarsHydroLED