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Migro Aray 2 120W

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I have zero complaints about this light, or my experience as a Migro customer. I had limited height during this grow and the Aray hangs low from the anchor point. Not a criticism, but something I failed to notice and account for when selecting the light. I called Shane at Migro and asked for alternative hanging ideas. He was willing to listen, and answer any questions. As a result I found a low-hanging solution, that cost nothing and was equally effective. The plant didn't suffer a single burn and flourished under this light. Again, first grow, zero benchmark but zero reason to doubt Migro either.
Wow, what a yield! I had two plant in a 1.44 sqm tent, total harvest of 222g from this 120W fixture!!! :sunglasses:
Awesome light. Great design, low heat output and the girls seemed to like it.
Top of the range light. I honestly wouldn't use another.
What I can say about Migro, excellent choice, after upgrading the tent with Migro Aray 2 the bud quality and quantity is out of the moon!
You can get a gram per watt. I don’t know what else to say. By far best light I’ve used. I have a BlackDog 200, if it can’t compete it getting cut for another one of these.
Very pleased with my Migro Aray 120W. It looks good, especially with the single hanging cable. I love the fact the transformer is separate. Most importantly, the plants love it! :+1::+1: