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Carpe_Diem started grow question 5 years ago
The most common yellow leave will be found on the terminal stage of flower because plant will power up for flower produce rather leave grown. Leaves are most of the time a reservoir of H2O nutrients and minerals.
Yellow leaves can apear on you plant at some point of grow?
Autoflower strains
10 weeks
Autoflower strains Carpe_Diem
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28 comments · 5 years ago
Week 10
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Removed answered grow question 5 years ago
Short answer: yes, yellowing can appear on your leaves at any point of your growth, be it vegetative stage or flower stage.
It always means that something is wrong and and can have many reasons; if you take the time to really analyze the symptoms you can tell what's going wrong.
Looking at your photos it seems that the Auto Sweet skunk is the most affected and that the yellowing is at the top of newer growth, not the older foliage, so it's not Nitrogen deficiency. You might have not noticed, but along with the top leaves been yellow they also have really thin blades. I believe what you are seeing is an excess of P-K, both excesses of phosphorous and/or potassium will make the newer leaves turn yellow and develop really thin blades; also they will cause several lockouts like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.
I would measure the strength of your feeding (EC/PPM) and dial back or stop altogether with the PK13/14
Green09Ranger answered grow question 5 years ago
Yes they can my dear friend. Actually that's pretty normal when facing some nutrient deficiency. You seem to have some nitrogen deficiency along side with some phosphorus and potassium excess. Stop that for now, and wait a few days, only water by now. Things will come back normal. happy grow!!!