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mrhat2001 started grow question 3 years ago
i am getting spots on my plant can you check my pics is it a fungus? might be septoria, any suggestions?
Week 2
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The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
I dont think its septoria because the spots arent turning black how ever . How ever it does look alot like rust which will eventually break open and spread spores around from the wind . If this is the case you would want to cut off any infected and affected leaves . Its important to keep the humidity down and the heat up by a little bit until you can further determine the problem 100% . It also looks like a possibility over feeding which will your leaves droopy and if the nutrients are to strong it will also cause burn . My advice to combat that is to make your nutrients 1/4 strength and increase as you see fit . It is also important have your PH set proper according to what your medium is . According to your diary your in soiless mix so your PH ranges should be 6.3-6.5 . This will prevent nutrient locks out and allow your plant to absorb all the nutes it can from the medium . I would also suggest that when you do feed with nutrients its every second of third watering. This will prevent your root one from getting to "hot" and allow for you plant to utilise what is in your medium to its full potential . When we talk about root zones being hot it means that there is to much nutrients in the soil and its burning the roots leading to what you see on the top of the plant in short as nutrient burns . I would also reduce the amount of water your feeding it based on your diary's stats your feeding them 1 gallon of water every 24 hours that't quite a bit for a young seedling you will eventually run into water logged roots and really droopy leafs if it stays like that to long you will get septoria which a whole level of problem. Remember that less is more when they are younger . As they get older you can increase the amount of water you give them but for now I think its too much . All in all your in good shape you just need to correct a few things and this little girl will be right back on track :D :D :D I hope this information is useful to you -Happy Growing!
mad_scientist answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello @mrhat2001 ! While you have perfect conditions for rust fungus development i don't believe this is rust. If you scratch the leaf, rust fungus will leave to your fingers yellowish/brownish dirt like. You can also use a small microscope like those we use to check the trichomes ( ) and if its rust you should see tiny yellowish/brownish spores especially at the underside of the leaf. It might be a slight nutrient burn or a calcium toxicity but i can't tell for sure with these photos. I am talking about calcium toxicity because it has rust fungus symptoms except the brownish/yellowish dirt when scratching and i see that you use flora micro hard water. So if you have a hard water source why you give extra cal/mag ? The EC value of cal/mag alone should not going more than 0.4 ms/cm. Anyway i really believe its nothing you should worry about. Happy growing ! :facepunch:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Just a bit of over feeding. Dial back the nutes to 0.5 EC (250 PPM)