Single plant leaf finger has turned purple/almost ...

biirdstarted grow question 6 years ago
Single plant leaf finger has turned purple/almost black! I know plants turn purple from cold but it's not that cold, just really rainy. What's happening? Any other pro tips for finishing her off these final two weeks would be great too! About to flush. Anything else!? Thank you!
Week 10
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CRiSPrGrowanswered grow question 6 years ago
Congrats on a very cool and very rare genetic mutation. This could be caused by the start of senescense , the begining of the end of the plant's life - usually you'll get "autumn colors" not straight up black though! Anyway as in all thing genetic, you can't do anything about it, and you can expect it to get "worse" (better? More awesome?) As you flush and induce full on senescence. So for the flush the main idea is to get rid of excess nutrients. So as you you know there are three categories of plant juice : nutrient, micro nutrient and additives. For the flush you can use additives , as I do, to flush more effectively. So additives like enzymes , chelation agents like amino acids (humic and fluvic acids) or hydrochloric acid (no joke, this is often used!) Also known as flushing agents do help break down the nutrients and get rid of any excess nutrients. So the baseline is 3 weeks plain water flush in soil for the best smoo hear smoke or with additives like enzymes that's 2 weeks, with amino acids that's 10-14 days, with flushing agent maybe just one week 10 days will do. But you will be good with plain water. Try using ice water or cold water the last two weeks , it will do something with her roots and help get those colors and terpenes in. Anyway man hope this helps ! Congrats on a fantastic first grow ! 🚀
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Athosanswered grow question 6 years ago
It looks genetic, so I would not worry. If it were a deficiency it would look different, more uneven. It's probably triggered by the low night temperatures. As for the last two weeks, I would stop feeding and give it water only from this point.
Experimentgreenanswered grow question 6 years ago
That's a very cool mutation! Pretty rare shouldnt have any effect on the plant in any way other than a few leaves might show that very precise line split of color. Sometimes stems happens in lots of other plants as well not just cannabis though. They might call it two toned leaves or stems. But it's just one of those quirks of nature. Very beautiful though, i wonder if any others will change too. You ever use any molasses or natural cane sugar in your water at the finish? I know some.big name brands like advanced nutrients have synthetic bottled versions...but that's mostly all they are, sugar and maybe some humic acids or fulvic/amino acids if you've got access to those at a garden shop. Great job with the grow, it's fun seeing people with mutations.
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