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aquacultureAU started grow question 2 years ago
Any other budding aquaculture or aquaponics fans out there ?? I would love to hear from you all and to see your set ups
The Great Outdoors
1 week
The Great Outdoors aquacultureAU
OG Kush
1 comment · 2 years ago
Week 2
Techniques. Defoliation
DILLIGAF answered grow question 2 years ago
@aquacultureAU Hi there mate I'm an aussie too and back in 2005 I completed certificate 2 and 3 of aquaculture
studies at a west australian tafe college We did most of our hands on studies with rainbow trout from the Pemberton Hatchery in fact. I have 6 aquariums all fresh water but only the marron tank is used for my veges so far as I am yet to find a way of using the tanks water without having to cart buckets of water back and forth.
I will follow your grow for sure mate and good luck
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 2 years ago
I am definitely a fan of aquaponics I want to try
and run my Dutch buckets aquaponics with tilapia one of these days. I would love to watch you run it. I have a lot to learn about balancing nitrogen between feeding plant and killing fish before I actually run one.