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IAmTheMoravianGrower started grow question 2 years ago
Can you help me?
Is Gorilla Zkittlez OK? I think she needs more nitrogen.
I also think the plants are maybe owerwater (Sapphire OG, Blue Dream and Gorilla Zkittlez).
HSO & BF Garden 2k19
38 weeks
HSO & BF Garden 2k19 IAmTheMoravianGrower
+5 strains
41 comments · 2 years ago
Week 17
Leaves. Curl down
DasBoof answered grow question 2 years ago
Ciao Moravian grower , from what I see I do see some overwatering - this you can see from the puffy space between the veins of leafs . The overwatering a problem outdoors because if you combine it with some summer temperatures it can be that bad bacteria start to attack the roots and this can lead to serious problems . For the gorilla these genetics should be "low maintenance" that means hey don't really need that many nutrients so what I see is actually nitrogen lockout soit looks like a deficiency but it's actually a surplus! Because you're using a lot of different nutrients what happens is the N will build up over time. What you need to do in soil is follow a strict wet dry cycle . That's the most important thing. For the nutrient issue the best is to reduce the nutrients a bit maybe choose 3 or 4 and focus on a balanced feeding schedule and follow a water water feed water water feed water water feed schedule for the nutrients. That way will eventually fix the nutrient / salt build up. For the root problem it's a bit different : what you need to do is break down the problem roots with a chelation agent for example enzymes, humic and fluvik acid , amino acids, a flushing agent or beneficial bacteria. This will break down the problem roots and the plant should recover. I hope this helps ! :rocket:
DILLIGAF answered grow question 2 years ago
@IAmTheMoravianGrower Hi mate yes you have overwatered them and I can see why Its not a good idea to have those trays at the bottom catching the run off as the soil will never have a chance to dry partly between waterings
Your roots need air mate once they dry out I'm sure your leaves will recover I hope this answers your question