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2 years ago
Watercuring and drying is done now. I started watercuring 120617, i submerged under water for 4 days and changed water 2 times a day. The drying process was done in 2 days with a fan blowing from below at moskitonets with the CBD Therapy on it. I got 142.45 grams of lovely premium buds. If i had cured it the traditional way the weight had been around 20-30% more. And now to a small strain review. The buds look great, from light to dark green in colure with orange/red hairs all over. The buds are dense, hard and only have a discreet smell, when you grind it it starts to smell a little Moore but still very discreet. When water curing cannabis its contracting i little bit and the smell almost vanish and leave a discreet smell of herb. The smoke is smooth like fresh air with a hint of citrus, fruit, soil, wood, peppercorn and tryffels. No harshnes, no tickle in the throat and leaves a clean pallet afterwards. The high. It gets me a little high in the first 10 minutes, then it changes to a calming effect. Like a vibrating, varm, relaxing feeling. It feels a little like gettining a bucket of varm wather over your head and it flows slowly from your head to your toes. If its in the evening i get a little sleepy and the sleep is the best sleep iv had in sevral years. It takes away at least 25% of my nervpains and makes my fibromyalgia better so i can function. And my muscle cramps is under controll. It gives me more quality of life and energy. CBD-Crew has done a great job with this strain and it´s just like they claims when it comes to how it grows and how it yields. This is a great medicine that you can take whenever you need whitout getting high and still get releef and stil be a functioning human being.