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6 years ago
I would also like to add that not many people have the money/time/space to buy the right eqiutment to have everything to a T.... now it feels more of a contest, than people sharing there hobby and helping each other Grow the best weed possible... with that said I've seen people grow amazing plants in carbord boxes or pimped out Pc cases, now you can't possible tell me they have the best condions (but they still grow some amazing weed and some times better than the people that do take soil temps ect..... I also think that when it comes to diary of the month there should be more of a view included to determine who wins, like check votes for fake accounts also for diarys with missing weeks ect, or diarys made with In one week with a 12 week grow diary? Dosent seem very fair..... Also please make Votes permenent as there is alot of votes placed and removed like a million times, ((I don't see anything wrong with asking for votes "I did it like most of us did but I asked people to look at my diary and if I deserved it or not and only to people that had liled/commented/ or i had talk to weeks before my harvest))... because it's very hard to be noticed when so many master grower (or gd famous people so to speak) that are always online steal the spot light and new growers or people new to GD are shadowed so it's harder to be noticed... so for that reason a don't see why asking for votes or for people to view your diary should be a bad thing or frowend upon... Also people will Google temps ect and fill in the missing condisons in order to get a green diary so the information wouldn't be true and misleading on the diray :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: Ps. Stressed out new grower lol