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2 years ago
@maverick, Hey man. No one really knows for sure if the extended darkness trick really works to increase resin but I will say that my garden smells the absolute best and most potent right in the morning when the lights are just turning on. Some people think that could be increased resin production, I think that really it's just that some of the more fragile terpenes that usually evaporate in the sunlight. Outdoors I have heard of people putting big trash bags over their plants but I would really only recommend maybe 24 hours because like @bigdaddyk said, the risk of mold is too great for a smidge of extra resin (maybe). As to the purpling, that is more of a genetic thing. Cooler temperatures can create light blue or purple colors but most of the time the cooler temperatures are just encouraging what the plant is already doing. I've never heard of the ice water trick but I do know that water below a certain temp will just stop your plant from metabolizing anything. If you are worried you pulled your nutes too early this would be bad for you. Again I agree with @bigdaddyk and I would not advise it. You'll see lots of little wives tails and Stoner tricks online but just be careful. Always weigh the possible benefits and drawbacks. Your plants look great and there is no yellowing so I would say you are good to stop feeding but normally on a plant that has been slowly stepped down in nutrients, this would be too early to stop in my opinion. 2 weeks is just too long for me. In a 9 week flower cycle, 2 weeks starves the plant for over 1/5th of its life cycle and cannabis plants put on a majority of their real bud weight in the latest stages of flower but everyone has their own style it's just about finding what works for you. Good luck man.