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4 years ago
@bosgrower, thanks for the looking in brother, I appreciate the insight. I grew a WCOG last year and although it was my 1st, I was lucky it even survived, it only got to 15 inches and only yielded but 21 grams. It is pure kush kindness, excellent smoke. That being said, I'm just hoping to keep improving with each grow. As far as the lights go, they are very powerful and the manufacturer recommends 60 inches for seedling and early veg. 48 to 36 inches for veg and early flower. And 24 inches and lower for late flower. These lights have 3 settings, 2 COBs, 4 COBs and 6 COBs. Along with different combinations of the Bridgelux panels. Last grow I think I lowered the lights too fast and stunted the plants and kept the plants from reaching a good height. So, this grow I started with 2 COBs at 60 inches (5 ft.). After germination and 3 days I turned it to 4 COBs at 60 in., then 6 COBs after 7 days at 60 inches. After 4 days, I started slowly lowering the light fixture (about 3 inches every other day). Right now they are at about 52 inches. I will continue to lower 'em until 36 inches from the canopy. After flowering starts I'll stay at 36 the 1st week or 2 then start to push 'em the last couple weeks or so. We'll see how it goes. Which brings me to an issue that may be light related. I'll be updating in a couple days and I'll get some pictures and post a question, but, I have a couple plants, one of them the WCOG, that the leaves are cupping under and won't flatten out. Do you think that may be a light stress issue or a nutrient or pH issue? Also, I did put some supports in to help until the stems started bulking up, which they did rather quickly this grow. I noticed last grow they really bulk up in the third week. This grow they bulked up even sooner into the second week and they are all good now, except Tangie which almost looks like a thread. Appreciate the conversation. Peace