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1 year 2 weeks
6 hours ago
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Dutch Passion

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burrrrrito Apprentice
Growing it
Finished my first photoperiod :grimacing:

She tastes flippen epic, maybe even better than than the plant I picked this seed from (FREE SEED)

The smoke is smooth as a lake at dawn and sweet AF! with hardly any harsh cough

The high is almost instant, id call it a banger :D

Its a full on upper, loads of energy and excitement almost like that first smoke you have after not smoking for a very long time... with a good group of friends

She really had some great colouring on her also and

her buds looked magic the last few days

Not quite sure what was going on with her leaves though....could be the semi bastard genetics or something wrong with out tap water

I think the Biobizz did a solid job, comparing it to the previous zkittles and just using Ecobuzz.... and not having a schedule.

But yeah splendid stuff
4 months ago
burrrrrito Apprentice
Big Devil XL Auto®
Growing it
Goodness me but is this strain quite incredible

I have to start with the smoke because I tested it today and wow wow wee wow

The euphoria I experienced was quite incredible

Sounds were clear
Colours were more vibrant
and I was at P E A C E :peace_symbol:
but still very much awake and thoughtful

The taste is very much towards citrus almost like a lemon based soap...but very tasty

Really good stuff, I will keep this for strain for days of relaxation or I need to figure something out I am struggling with and need a different point of view

Special strain
5 months ago
burrrrrito Apprentice
Sweet Gelato Auto®
Growing it
The smoke is awesome

I chose this strain as i like a close 50/50 sativa/indica

Too much sativa = anxiety
Too much indica = I become useless

So far I am super stocked with the smoking effects (I have only had two bongs) while the plants are curing/drying
but they have been awesome... The effects is strong like a shot that hits you in the eyes as you drink it and then you just ride the waves

Super stoked with the effects, im ready to work or game or go fishing....but the world seems to be a brighter place

I am going to enjoy sharing it with friends (covid friendly ofcourse)
5 months ago

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