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CanaryGrow Newbie
Growing it
IT was growing good, maybe i should harvest a bit before, is seems like it lost smell and stickiness. However the effect was really strong high, defenatly bed time smoke, i was not able to do anything after smoking this one. Taste was not the best i had but still good. On general for the first time, quite amazing still. I
9 months ago

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Hi, as far as your germination issues, what I do is, I put the seeds in a little pill bottle with outdoor sand and shake them for about a good minute (I believe this is called "scarcify"), it kinda mimics a seed rolling around on the dirt, wearing away any protective waxy coating and thinning the seed hull just a bit. I then soak the seed for a good 24hrs to 48 hours, I then, if the seed has sprouted, place it inside wet paper towel inside a ziploc plastic bad until the root grow a nice tiny bit, and then I place it in the growing media.

I hadnt had a problem until this grow. I'm still learning so I'm not too mad, the MA#3 I even placed a plastic cup over the seed site to help keep some humidity. To keep the site wet, I sprayed the inside of the cup with water.

Yeah the poor germination kinda irritated me, but hey now my plants are growing goo and healthy so I'm a happy guy now lmao