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1 year ago
@CANNASIM, @Mr_Di, Most people's have in mind that Cannabis make flowers ... but it isn't a flower, it's a fruit ! And like most of the fruits you must let them ripen before harvesting... You can use jars to make them ripen (the famous curing mystery process) but in jars your weed will only have a small amount of sugar due to the small amount of starch (the kind of weed you find in dispensary in USA or coffeeshops in Hollande, which is still a good weed) Now comes the most important part, When you flush a plant, that means there's no nootz left in the soil for the plant, so she start to use her own stock, while she is breaking down her nootz chlorophyll degrades to, your plant start to fade ( this is where commercial growers, and most of growers harvest their weed following commercial growers example...), but if you keep on pushing her at the point where this no nutrients left she's gonna start to use her starch (stocked in the roots for making a new shoot for the next year) and starch is sugar... , this is how you get a very high sweety flavor . Hopefully for me I'm a "stoner" , I really like that stoned couch lock feeling, so I can push them without being worried if there's a lot of Amber tric's ( I like :sweat_smile: ). Master Growers (real ones) or able to do the same with getting the perfect tric's ratio (Milky/Amber, Cloudy/Milky). No, when I flush I use a flushing agent for the first flush then I rince them with plain pH'd (6.5) tap water. Roots enhancers could be very expensive and it would be a waste of money using them for flushing. I only use them from the beginning to the end of week 3 of flowering .