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@CovikLaFlaire, You do not have the full diary, but it seems you were overwatering a bit, but the early pictures will have describe better the situation. Overwatering can impede the stretch (conversely to just humid air). When did you do the topping? My topping are wanted but they happen "naturally" by accident during lst fuck up (i have small space, you know...) but there are always many internodes already. If i manage to dont fuck up, i always try first the fim, always happy when it work! At this point, they will not stretch much anymore, they are already flowering :( The bigger yield anyway is not just about the plant height, is mostly about bud-spots under the light and of course good overall ambient conditions. That is the reason of lst, fim, topping, and in part supercropping: to make the plant with the most possible stem divisions and with the shape as a negative image of the light coming from the lamp. If your light are even distributed, you want the canopy to be flat too! Leaves are plant's solar panels: the better you cover the floor, the more energy they will produce They are a bit different: the better energy will come from the light evenly distributed and not by over-charging a single panel (that will need cooling anyway). But plants have also limited energy, like every living been, so they will decide were to invest based on ambient signals, but indoor is not like nature, and it can be tricky sometimes. Plants want to reach light and growth for it, but the plant will invest in the part that receive light first. For that reason, you want to make the light reach the early vegetative bud points, moving leaves and training the stems. In nature the sun makes an arc on the sky, and the plants will growth lateral stems more easy. This is the reasons that many put a round lamp in the lower part, to promote the growth of the laterals. There are many ways to obtain the ideal watt/bud ratio. Sea of green require no training but a lot of seed (or clones with regular) and it's best with homogeneus strains or even better with clones and the opposite is true. Keep looking diaries and read different info sources to have the best info! But in the end you are the gardener and yours is the choice :)
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