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10 months ago
1 year ago
@Pr3m_85, Well, it can happen but I don't think they waste their time for small scale grower. You know what I mean if you placing pictures of big quantities they might be interested but 5-10 plants I am not sure. It is too much job to look into it.... I think 98% of the shit that happens comes from someone's mouth they talk to police and they find you. I am pretty sure police is here too obviously this is the most famous site of growing marihuana from all over the world so proper place to look around. I also think that they do not really care about small growers but of course if there is an info they need to go if it is against the law... And yes, you can never know who is who here so be careful to not to give out personal details and also to make sure you in safer position use VPN, TOR, delete metadata from pics bla bla bla off your location.... order your seeds for different names and addresses so on... But as I said people are caught because someone talks that is simple as that if you grow small not row of lamps and commercial. Never speak if someone else know that's not secret anymore... It is shit to grow thisnway I know I do so how much easier it would be just go to sleep with the fact that no need to worry about police for 5 plants lets say. But Europe is fucked America tolerates more in several states.... or Canada... so it is crazy.... some countries legal, other it is against the law, and some they give you death sentence like Vietnam etc.... it is fucking crazy.... they should wake up....