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Why did you ghost everyone in your own hosted contest?? Its now a hot pile of shit steaming on this site. Not good brand representation at all.

People would like answers and the prizes they where promised by you. I would not buy your seeds after seeing how you treated all them and the freebies I do have them are going in the trash. I've seen and heard to much negative feedback about your brands GOG and ExpertSeeds, not quality genetics, not a real breeder just a massive reseller that gives no shits about the people who buy your products.



Hello, I was a part of this contest and I was picked for 2nd place... Thank you so much!

I received an email for my seed list and verify my address... just received my seeds a couple of days ago, but this is where the confusion sets in... All I've received is about 100 dollars worth...

I reached out in an email, but unfortunately I got no response. Any thoughts???

Thank you.