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Gl420grower Apprentice
Please ignore the rating.. i can't honsetly rate as was unable to finish but will be starting the diary over asap!
7 months ago
Gl420grower Apprentice
Gorilla Glue Auto
Growing it
So this gg auto was chopped at 11 weeks, she could have gone maybe a week or 2 longer but my gf suffered with a few issues such as arthritis ECT so asked me to pull it when most of the trichs were cloudy to see if it has a better medical effect for her (not that I have another to compare it too) there is no denying that I still have a bit to learn, and this has been a great experience.. but she wasn't the easiest to grow imo! I ran into a few problems which were triggered from what I assume was ph fluctuations but didn't have a reliable meter to get accurate readings, and this made her quite sensitive as well as cause lockout! These errors though could have easily been corrected though so they were errors on my behalf and other growers may find her a lot easier! She stayed quite short in the end but even without training filled out quite nicely with a pretty even canopy.
Over all I was quite surprised with the turn out regardless of her few issues, her buds didn't grow very big but they are so dense that there is litterally no give when I squeeze one, she turned out pretty frosty but didn't produce a great deal of trim so I am saving what I have till I finish my next run and then will wash all the different trims together for bubble hash! The resin production from this plant was crazy, like I know gg is meant to be a sticky strain.. but shit, it's called gorilla glue for a reason.. even now that it's dry she is still so sticky! I currently have her in the jar but when I make a joint.. As it's burning, the heat from the cherry produces oil on my doob, and I have added a few pictures of this. For an auto she is deffinatly impressive, I didn't expect her to be as strong as she is, I can't accurately describe the smell right now because my senses are fucked at the moment but the aroma I do get from her is of a really potent skunk, kinda like a cheese in the sense that the smell is quite heavy just with a different aroma if that makes sense! I can update this soon though also have given a few samples to friends for feed back on it so will see what they think of the smell when they let me know how it's helped any of there health issues! Due to the resin production she is quite a tickler on the throat, and the high lasts for quite a while, an to be fair she packs a bit of a punch but it's just not a knockout high due to the stage I pulled her at so she makes you feel kinda giddy, but pretty mellow at the same time, and I haven't had a strain give me the munchies for quite some time but this one certainly does, she also leaves you with quite a dry mouth tbf! I am impressed with the strength and quality of her though and she has such a sweet taste! I would certainly recommend this strain to any grower as you certainly won't be disappointed! A few people say this is a good strain for small or tight spaces, if that is what your grow room is like though then I wouldn't advise running to many at a time, unless you use small pots,mine was in a 1x1x2m tent, roughly 22lpot and I could have only fit maybe 2-3 in there tops.. 3 would have been very tight though because she was just very bushy!
10 months ago
Gl420grower Apprentice
Peyote Cookies
Growing it
She is certainly good for a day time smoke, she grew very dense but didn't have the size to make up for it, not complaining though this is a great smoke and was an absolute pleasure to grow! And the hash.. Well I think the picture speaks for itself :sunglasses:
1 year ago