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Royal Queen Seeds

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LSD Auto
Growing it

+ Strong genetics that grew good in my simple set up. No diseases
+ The best looking buds I ever grew. They are sticky and covered in trichomes with that billowy round look.

+ Short grow time! Only 9 weeks TOTAL!

+ Responded very well to training (just 2 days, and she stayed in place)

- I lost two seedings out of 3
- She grew immediatly into flower, my journal says 3 weeks vegitave period, but that was an accident, I was noticing preflower leaves right at week 1. This leaves a shorter and less yielding plant
- Low yield.

Over all: I am feeling neutral. I did research and found a lot of other growers had the same problems.
6 months ago
Bubble Kush Automatic
Growing it
This is again, my first auto. I enjoyed growing it and watching it's development. I started of with regular potting soil, ran into some problems, bounced slightly back, and was in a spin of losing 4 leaves a day. Not sure what I had in the end as a problem since I had no more gnats, regulated nutes, and good temps with ventilation... maybe the auto's die off that fast near the end? I don't know, but I am looking forward to my next Auto.

But now when I see noobies asking on forums: "Hey all any tips, just planting an auto cuz it's easier..."... no, it can be harder with a shorter window to respond to problems. It was for sure a little more tedius grow than my last one...and I had less to work with in last grow. Thanks to RQS genetics for giving me a seed that was resisting my errors yet again, and netting me out on over 140Gr of bud.
11 months ago
Blue Mystic
Growing it
I went into this project expecting it all to fail. I heard so many people say it is hard to grow weed, good weed. I had already been sick due to bad street weed. So I was desperate to grow my own. After clearing out a closet and using scrap materials, I did a low budget closet build under only 300 total W of dual spectrum light, and bare minimum ventillation. The results were AMAZING!
I had two giant nugs pushing into the lights. People ask me if I top , since one branch has an entire huge nug like a main branch. But nope, this plant grew into a BEAST with love and care. My nutrients were just organic bio bizz mark, and I gave under dosages up until the end. This plant took a lot of abuse, as she endured the heat on my accidental neglect, or bending over on three major branches... she bounced back and even after lolipopping, and getting into week 15, she was still green leaves, new growth coming in all over, pushing hardest to keep producing buds and staying alive.
I dug her up after and she barely reached the sides of the pot...meaning I could have had a much larger root ball, this plant is a monster and very resiliant! Under better lighting and grow rooms, she would be a HULKING BEAST:!
Ok, the smoke?
Well, I cut the popocron buds of early, along with a few flowers to dry early. The trichomes were more shiteish and some clear. I knew it was early, but I took em. As they dried out and I put them in jars, I tested them ever so often. Smoking wet is gross. And gives you a slight head took 3 bowls to feel the very least "buzzed", no real surreal euphoria, or time loss...just relaxed, not much else, followed by "smoke too much " head ache.
As the weeks went on and the curing kicked in, the difference is ASTOUNDING!
The texture is better, the nug gets super crystal coating. The smoke is smoother, tastier, leaves more grey ash, not black soot like wet does.
Moral fo story: I learned it is true what I read: "You can have the best strain in the world. If you do not cure it right, the quality will be just poor/ok".
So, these early trimmings I now cured to a good week (and still have em bottled for longer), the effect was: Creative high, relaxed, zoned out on idea or image, super euphoric and happy,
I actually was less hungry.... If started eating, I would eat, but I just felt so relaxed and non hungry most of the time. That said, 1 or 2 glasses of red wine and it is a SUPER MOOD SETTER. I tried with beer and pink/rose wine, and meh...not to complimentary...
As you can see that is just the early harvest of a few branches...(which gave me A LOT),

*** UPDATE ***

AFter some drying and curing now for a week I can tell you the early cured smoke is good!

Smells like a candy 7-up in jars.
Tastes like sweet lemon candy, super light smoke. Easy to smoke.

High is very creative, happy, euphoric, tuned in to stories, music, visuals. And ends with a super sleepy feeling. Oddly enough, no munchies... I will eat , and it enhances the pleasure of eating, but it does not make me hungry or give munchies. I ate less than what was given me, and just "content" feeling. Tastes are kind of nulified. Some genetics make certain foods taste SUPER GOOD. But not this one, it kind of masks the tastes. At least for me.
Although your mind wanders during stories, and you can hit some brief time loss ; you don't have deep time loss, where it feels like ages passed. The psychadelic effect is a bit low too, more of a body feel (body feels super light and floaty on feet). All my gests felt incredibly slow and "at ease".
2 years ago

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