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4 years ago
I'm just going to explain why I've been absent for over a month and why I have not updated anything. 2018-04-19 I came home to my house and discovered that a water pipe on the first floor had flooded half the house. It had gone down to my basement and destroyed one of my grow room. I had to move all the plants to my large grow room, which was completely overcrowded. I had already before that event started to deteriorate in my body with more general pain throughout the body and an inhuman nerve pain that is caused by damage in my neck and back. I am almost every day get episodes when im paralyzed in my arms, legs, face, fingers or neck/back. This has caused me to have no energy to be active here at Growdiaries. There are many who have asked me how im doing, but I have not had the opportunity to answer everyone so I'm writing this while my hands are working to write on my computer. I have been helped by one of my best friends to look after my plants and water them. He has never taken care of plants before but without his help, my cultivation would have been completely destroyed. Right now, I'm just trying to struggle, endure and stay mentally healthy. For now it's just my mental strength that gets me thru the next day of inhuman pains. I would like to say thank you to all who have sent greetings and energy to me. You are part of my ability to fight further, and also all my friends here at GD. I will never give up and I'm sure I'll get better soon so I can be more active and get to chat with my friends here at Growdiaries as usual again. I would also like to apologize to all the seed manufacturers who have helped me with seeds to find the best possible medicine for me. I'm sorry I cant deliver as much as I would normally do. But I have not forgotten any of you and your support, I will return and will fulfill my promises of making diaries where I honestly and objectively show my plants of your genetics. I am a person who takes very seriously to keep my promise of respect for the one I have given my word. But this time I have not succeeded and it hurts me even though I know I should think of myself right now. So I hope my apology is accepted.@GrowDiaries, @TheFairyBudMother, @GardenOfHerbs, @WhiteWidow, @ biggreens420, @B4RNS, @420_liquidsun, @Teamdirtbag2, @bobo420, @Bigpun, @James, @DinafemSeeds, @Ironlungs, @Mr_Di , @Tazard, @SpliffSeeds, @RipperSeeds, @ CBD-crew, @ Jeff123fish, @Tryhard_grower_grower, @Wolfpack, @Dirtydreggel, @RipperSeeds, @Julius, @BigDaddyK, @Squirrel_Master, @Cellmax_Nutrients, @CANNASIM, @Female_Seeds, @paradiseseeds, @MephistoGenetics, @Fast_Buds, @Fast_Buds, @medicalmarijuana, and everyone else I've forgotten.