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9 months ago
Thanks for the kind words fellas. @SM I recall your NL grow it was one of the first I followed on GD. I had just ordered my CKS seeds and was looking for something to learn from. I definitely took notes on your week to week progression. Damn 3oz sounds great. For me as a novice 3oz is a lot from a single Auto plant in a 3gal pot. Hope my NL2 gets denser. Do you recall how dense your buds got ? For me NL3 is really dense. The buds formed already being dense. NL2 they formed very light and fluffy but over the last couple weeks they got bigger. More trichomes and got a lot denser. If I really squeeze them hard though they will give a fair bit. NL3 however is like 60% rock hard. It's like your squeezing a hard fruit like a apple for lack of a better comparison. BK1/2 are very fluffy also. I think they are because they are not in the best light that the tent has to offer. I might use a 3-4 inch booster to get them closer. I can't lower the light because NL2 Tops are so tall they would begin to burn and foxtail all wacky. BK2 is almost ideal in the way she is swelling up and getting dense all over. Top colas are all solid. Like 8/10 density. 10 being rock hard. Mid buds are 7.5/10. Lower buds are still a bit fluffy and only 5/10. Anyways I'm probably way to worried about the density of the nugs but I grew a random bagseed plant last summer and it was quite airy and I hated that hahah. Also I ordered a set of bubble hash bags for harvest. Going to also have a dry sift screen set by the end of Feb. Cannot wait to try it out and hone my skills in hashish extracting.