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9 months
26 minutes ago
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Bubba's Gift - scrOG under Led
19 weeks
Bubba's Gift - scrOG under Led JackSpliff
Bubba’s Gift
4 weeks ago
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JackSpliff Apprentice
Bubba’s Gift
Growing it
Bubba's Gift is a strain that takes time to veg, but once they start flowering things go fast.
The buds of this strain are not that big at the end, but they are dense & full with trichomes.
Not the biggest yielder, but that's probably due to some mistakes with watering.

The smell during harvest was sweet & flowerish.
The first impression is a very nice hash flavour and a heavy sweet mandarine orange with herb undertones smell.
The effect is relaxed on body & mind, no paranoia or other negative effects.
Flowers really fast! If you want a strain to grow outside then this is the one, especially when you're living in more Northern Hemisphere.
4 weeks ago
JackSpliff Apprentice
Jack Herer
Growing it
The buds are real dense at the end of the flowering cycle.
I had one phenotype that grow more like an indica, while the others had a bit more sativa in them.
The phenotype was the most beautiful one of the 4.
One also turned out to be a hermaphrodite. This one produced some pollen and as a result there are some seeds in the buds. I've spotted the balls a bit too late...
They don't stretch much after the switch so I recommend vegging them a bit longer.
The smell is not that hard during the entire cycle, so they're good for stealth growth :smile:
I got 127 grams from 4 Jack Herer's. Not that much, but that could be the lights.
And the herma did'nt produced as much as the pheno or the others. I always find it hard to describe the taste, but I'll go for soft citrus with skunky & earthy undertones. A nice taste that just wants you to smoke another one. Grow it and taste it :wink:
The effects are body & mind relaxing, getting you appetite all combined with a happy mood. :smile:
Would I grow them again?
Maybe...because the taste & effect are real good. And with some better lights, the yield would certainly be higher.
4 months ago
JackSpliff Apprentice
Liberty Haze
Growing it
Liberty Haze is a marvellous strain to grow. Beautiful colours will appear during flowering stage, going from all rasta colours to dark purple leaves. 4 out of 4 seeds germinated within 4 days.
She doesn't need to much nutrions during growing as well in flowering stage. EC-levels never got higher than 1,5. I've used fertilized soil, so if you're a coco or soilless grower you might want to think twice before taking over these EC-levels. :wink:
There were no problems with mold or diseases. Just some leaf problems after repotting them, but that was my mistake. I repotted them a bit too soon and they suffered from root damage. But they recovered perfectly within a week.
They're also easy to scrOG and do not stretch to much in the first weeks 2-3 weeks of flowering.
The dominant smell during harvest was fresh lime. The smoke is soft in the throat.
The taste is a bit sweet, lime/lemon with woody undertones & the effects are at first more high in the head and then fades into a relax state of body & mind that lasts pretty long.
7 months ago