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Blue Dream
12 weeks
Blue Dream mr_smooke
Blue Dream
12 months ago

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mr_smooke Apprentice
Blue Dream
Growing it
On The Day 101 and day 52 of flowering i cut her down.
From start she grew whit a litle problem of deficiences Mg. I had too finsh because the heat was over And trichomes are about 10% of brown. On the week 3 in flower phase i put light on 11/13 And on the week 6 i put light on 10/14 it is, probably accelerated end of flowering :blush:
With a little more space, it would be good four brutal SCROG of one plant shou.
she grew up whit a 3 more plant but not so big. she had 2/3 of the space 0,8m²
and on the scale of weet bud of 4 plant was 1689g,
Now 5 days drying and than i will upp bud dry weight
And than i will updatee what the taste is. smells on Barries and Pine
I am realy happy with these strain I recommend to anyone
This is my first diary on these platform and I hope I did everything right
Smooke reaport
I'm surprised whit weight. After 5 days hanging in the dry box now is curring time, Taste is incredible , bluberies and earthy and some pine.
When I smooke B. D i feel like i am in haven, lots of laughter and energie. but after 2h i smoke another one and i fall a sllep.
It is a preety strong weed. when i smoke on the job, on a vaporizer, i put in 0.15g and i am so energetic and positve. In my working time i smooke only 2 times because I do not need it.( Four example when i smoke royal caramela i smoke 5 times)
12 months ago