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3 months
5 hours ago
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Puffer_Bill Master
Wedding Cake
Growing it
Great for anytime of the day. Helps me relax, as I can be a bit strung, but at the same time I'm also more focused. I get deep into some of my CGI work. Heck... hope that made sense.

I tested out 2 ways to cure. Wet and Dry. One loses quite a lot of smell and a bit of the taste.

My friends all give thumbs up to the hang with leaves then dry trim. As this is the most pungent in smell and taste. Not to say the resiny buds from the wet trim are no good. The dry trim was in my opinion a lot quicker to do. A lot of the leaves just fell off.

Taste wise ....
I flushed with a great product called Flawless Finish, I can only say a rich, but strong taste. Great for my Storm Vaporizer or a Philly Blunt.

Regards wattage lights.. top lights total 910 after subtracting the light which fed the Kosher Kush. As total wattage 1040 less KK wattage. .. wow I hope that all made sense too. I think less wedding cake for me tonight. :wink:
2 months ago
Puffer_Bill Master
Kosher Kush
Growing it
Greetings all. :sunglasses::v::skin-tone-3:Sorry my diary week is late. :face_with_rolling_eyes:
So my 2nd grow has ended. Bring on my 3rd.

Kosher Kush harvested 1st.
A lovely rich earthy fragrance mixed with citrus...
Pleasure to smoke... smooth, woody. But then I did flush with a great product called Flawless Finish. The Kosher Kush has a unique taste... earthy, wooden. After flushing, the KK was trimmed to a point, then was dry hung. The KK is destined for the pot, so taste nor smell required. The KK will be turned into either resin oil or coco oil. Buds are still sticky.
I think its definitely suitable for evening mellowing. Or those needing a bit of help to fall asleep.

Was easy to grow. No nonsense. And it topped itself. Smart seed. At one stage I thought it was an auto. As it responded so fast to changing lights 12/12.

A couple of weeks prior to harvesting I did hack a bit away. ( stock was out :thinking_face::face_with_rolling_eyes: )
The KK was the odd one out and shared space with 7 Wedding Cakes. Total top lighting for the 8 plants was 1040w. So I have divided the lighting by 8.

Again it asks grow space. My shack is a fair size. I have only taken the actual canopy size which I'm sure is the right way to measure.
I believe I could have achieved a better yield had I got a grip on my nutrients. Looking back at the last weeks photos... I notice leaf curl. Lesson learnt. :face_with_rolling_eyes:
2 months ago