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Pureleelove Newbie
Sweet Deep Grapefruit
Growing it
This plant grew with vigour and remained healthy throughout the grow. I really enjoy the fact that there was no serious smell issue to deal with, you could smell cannabis in my room but my neighbours could certainly not have been noticing anything skunky in the air (Nice low-key strain).

The high is forkin'fantastic, really good for relaxing and getting in the bath tub. The bud is just sexy lookin.
Also, really didn't hesitate to bush out. I gave her 3 weeks in Veg where I didn't do any maintenance and she just exploded with leaves. This is a sexy strain to grow.
Note- After 2 weeks of curing I started smoking her smaller lower buds. Her premium was after about 1 month of curing. But seriously one of the tastiest strains, not like cheese-pungent and stank but just really delightful sweet earthy lollipop flavour.
11 months ago